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Say Hello To A New Way To Brush Your Teeth

Say Hello

Brushing your teeth is something that everyone does (well should do), but are you ever concerned about the ingredients that are going into your toothpaste? Say hello to a new way to brush your teeth. Recently, hello, a naturally friendly oral care is bringing smiles to the aisles of Walmart stores nationwide with its line of kids’ toothpaste. With hello, parents can end brush time negotiations with their kids. Kids get flavors so awesome they’ll rush to brush, and parents get thoughtfully selected ingredients they can feel good about, with formulations free from artificial sweeteners, dyes, parabens, triclosan, or microbeads.


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Hello Products For Adults

The hello brand is not only bringing smiles to kids, but they also have a line of products for parents as well. This line-up includes adult fluoride and a whitening paste. I had the chance to check out both of the adult products, and I was very pleased with the product indeed.


I was really impressed with the whitening paste though it is too early for me to say how much whiter my teeth are if you have ever tried whitening products you know how much they can affect different aspects of your teeth. I always have a problem when using a whitening product that they leave my mouth feeling very sensitive and sometimes irritated. I have used the whitening paste for about three days now with no side effects what so ever. 


Hello Product For the Kiddos

As I stated above, hello does offer a wide selection of product for your kids. Since I don’t have any children I tried out these myself, and I must say, if I were a kid that did not like brushing my teeth, I would be all about it after trying the hello brand. 

BeFunky Design

Hello offers both fluoride and non-fluoride pastes for your kids to enjoy.  Hello kids fluoride pastes are ADA accepted and clinically proven to prevent cavities and strengthen enamel. For little ones who may swallow paste, or for folks who don’t dig fluoride for their kids, hello has introduced new fluoride and SLS free toothpaste in natural watermelon flavor.

kids hello

Hello Breath Spray & Toothbrushes

Not only does hello offer a variety of different toothpastes for adults and kids but they also offer two different breath sprays. These sprays like their toothpastes are free of dyes and artificial sweeteners along with no alcohol. These are actually perfect for taking out with you on date night. I would have to say these the are cuties little breath sprays I have ever seen as well as compact.

Don't ruin Your Date! Try Hello Breath Spray

When it comes to the hello brand toothbrushes there is really nothing that sets them apart from the others except one huge fact; their brushes are made with 50% recycled material!!! I received three of their brushes the good-looking, tiger and sleepyhead which are all soft.  The design is perfect, and the bristles are very nice. There are no bells and whistles, but if you are looking for the classic toothbrush, I would highly recommend these. 

Hello Toothbrush

Hello is on a mission to make the world a friendlier place, starting with your mouth and so far I am very pleased with the products that I have received. I am sending some of the kids products to my sister so that her children can also test them out, which I will update you with the results directly from a kids mouth. I do hope that you check out this new brand. You can use their store locator to find these products near you. 


In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.