Say Goodbye To Hello Betty And Hello To Hello Betty Designs

Finally It Has Become Time

Hello everyone! First off, I would like to thank all of you for being by my side the past many years of blogging. It has been an adventure! Today I wanted to announce that I will no longer be reviewing products. This has been coming to a head recently that I just don’t enjoy it as I once did, in fact, I totally dread writing about products now. Being a review blogger, most think this is an easy task when in reality it is hard work that never ends.



I have decided to start doing what I love even more, and that is creating beautiful websites, crafts and anything creative. I wanted to write this posting and thank you all for everything! Giving me views and hitting my goals each and every year with continued growth. I look back at posts that I did when I started and can’t believe I have come so far!!

So What Is Hello Betty Designs?

Hello Betty Designs will be at the same URL (, and you will still be able to find all my reviews from the past, but I will be offering so much more. Mainly, I will be offering help to those that want to become a blogger and need to find their way. After blogging for so many years, I know what works and what doesn’t. I will help you along your journey with blog postings and different courses. I also will offer graphics and logo design, WordPress¬†designs, premade designs, and easy ways to take your blog from blah to fab!

Don’t want to be a blogger? No worries, Hello Betty Designs still might be for you. I will be sharing some amazing printables and crafts as well. Anything that has to do with design you can find in one place. I still will do some reviews that have to do with upcoming design software and design items. I also will share easy ways to stay organized and since I am a glam planner share with you amazing planner items.

If you are looking for fantastic product review sites that do giveaways (which I still will have some) I wanted to share with you some of my blogging buddies URL’s so that you might head over and check them out.

Amazing Review Blogs To Follow