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Rock Out This Summer With Pure Speakers

Rock Out This Summer

During the summer nothing is better than to be able to listen to your music inside and outside. When I am working in the yard or relaxing on the porch with friends, music is a must. Recently, I had the chance to test out two speakers by Pure.  Pure is a global consumer electronics company specializing in multi-room audio and music streaming. Not only do their speakers have amazing sound, but they also add a bit of color to any room. I received their Jongo S3 and Jongo T2, which I have to say are the best two speaker I have received so far, and their have been many. One feature really blows me away and that is the Caskeid technology.  

Pure System

The Jongo S3 is wi-fi and bluetooth enabled. It was super easy to pair with my iPhone and iPod. The one thing that I love about this speaker and the Pure system is that you can pair it with another Jongo, such as the T2, to be able to listen to your favorite hits, throughout the home or even outside.  Pure uses Caskeid technology, the Jongo speakers work with any music app (Pandora, Rdio, Spotify, etc.), not to mention there’s the free Pure Connect app (for iOS and Android), to not only control the device, but also enjoy over 20,000 radio stations and 200,000 free on-demand programs and podcasts, among other features.

The Jongo family

Jongo Speaker System
Jongo S3:
⦁ Portable, wireless 20w speaker with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 360° sound
⦁ Comes with a rechargeable battery pack with up to 20 hours of listening per charge (can also be mains charged)
⦁ $199.00 (MAP)
⦁ LCD Screen to show audio profiles, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings.
⦁ Rich detailed and vibrant sound thanks to four tweeters for 360° sound and an upward-firing subwoofer for powerful bass. Choose from four audio profiles to suit any environment:

Stereo forward facing – front two speakers plus sub – ideal for a bookshelf
Mono 360° sound – all five speakers – great for placing in the middle of a room
Stereo 360° sound – stereo front and rear speakers plus sub for big stereo sound
Outdoor boost – all five speakers boosted for loudness


Jongo T2:
⦁ 20w wireless speaker with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
⦁ Highly efficient Class D amps
⦁ 3” mid-range drivers

Setting up your new system is fairly easy to do.  Firstly, download the Pure App to the device, then you will need to connect to the Jongo wifi network. Once you are connected the Pure App will automatically pop up on your device. You will need the Pure App to connect to the Caskeid technologySimply follow the directions. When setting up the second device go to the Pure Connect app, go to settings on the second Jongo and swipe the toggle to enable Bluetooth Caskeid.

Want to add a bit of color to your room? You can purchase different colored grills for the Pure system. Pure offers two new collections, ‘Neutral’ and ‘Vibrant’. The ’Neutral’ collection features Slate, Salted Caramel, Sandstone and Nettle, and the ’Vibrant’ color collection is comprised of Vermillion, Royal Blue, Lilac and Mango. I received the lilac and it really is just a beautiful color. I found that it really fits perfectly in any room. 


With so many speakers to choose from in the Pure System, I am sure you can find something that will allow you to listen to your music throughout your home and outdoors. I found that the smaller S3, which is portable and rechargeable is perfect for outdoors this summer.  Jongo S3 portable rechargeable wireless speaker ($199) and two wireless multiroom speakers – the Jongo T2 ($149 MAP) and Jongo T6 ($349 MAP), users can simply choose any combination of Jongo speakers to build a powerful system and listen to beautifully synchronized music in a single or multiroom environment, including BOTH wireless and Bluetooth streaming. I know that when I am inside, cooking and my husband is outside, we both want to be able to hear the music. Using this system, it is now easy for use to hear and enjoy our favorite music. 

I highly recommend checking out the Pure Speaker System. Not only is it perfect for the summer, but those long winter months in the home! Rock out all year-long using this system. I did not have much trouble connecting the speakers and they both work flawlessly. The Caskeid technology, makes this speaker stand out from the crowd. You can purchase your Pure speakers at over 2,700+ Walmart stores nationwide. You can find current locations using the store finder




In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.