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Building Scale Models Not Interest Your Child? Check out Revell

There is a new generation of scale models on the block called Revell. If you’ve tried to get your child interested in scale models but always seen to fail because they are so hard to build, almost seeming that you need an engineering degree this new generation of kits is something you should see. The new Revell Scale Models are designed for children as young as six years old and come in many different skill levels that are geared towards the age of your child. Revell

  • SnapTite Build & Play (Skill Level 1 for ages 6-8): These kits feature 10-20 pre-decorated pieces that can be snapped together in less than 30 minutes with no need for glue, paint or tools. These models are actually very durable so that your child can play with them! These are the first kits of this type actually to offer some kind of play value at the 6-year-old range, which is two years younger than the standard. 
  • SnapTite (Skill Level 2 for ages 8-10): These models include 20-45 pre-decorated , snap together pieces with a building time of up to one hour. This kit offers a step up from the Skill Level 1 kits and allows the modeler a chance to actually customize the model by applying stickers. The big difference is that some of the models in this skill level may require the use of a screwdriver, but no paint or glue is needed. >
  • SnapTite Max (Skill Level 2 for ages 8-12): These kits include 25-60 pre-decorated snap together pieces with a building time of up to one hour. This model offers a little bit of a bigger challenge because of the great number of pieces. It still offers the easy snap assembly and customizing stickers. This kit again may require a screwdriver. 
  • Skill Lever 3 Ages 10-12: These kits offer an introduction to using glue and can contain about 40-70 pre-decorated pieces. It is however, 50% fewer pieces than traditional glue kits for this age range. These kits do require some glue and tools for assembly but make paint and option for those that are wanting to add a bit more detail to their model. Project time can take up to three hours.

I actually received a couple of these kits to take a look at and I must say they are much simpler than what I remember using as a kid. I never really got into models very much because I would get frustrated and never pick it up again. Looking at all those small pieces, gives me nightmares today! I am really impressed with the ease of use and how much Revell has thought about each kit and how the child would be receptive to actually doing the kit. 

Sometimes I think back and wish that I had gotten more into models. I used to watch my older brother do them all the time, but I was younger and it just blew my mind. One of the main reasons that the younger generation is not as “into” modeling today is because of the some of them may not offer any playing time and the complexity of the build itself can be discouraging. Revell has solved all of these probelms with their new kits and I can’t wait to see what other designs they come up with. 

I am so happy that Revell has taken this step in designing models for the not so experienced modeler. These kits are now available online and in stores.  One other purchasing option is at Michael’s. Check them out. 


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