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Popcorn Indiana The Perfect Easter Snack


Popcorn!! If you have been around on my page you know that I am a huge popcorn lover. Anything popcorn and candy, I am all in! I was contacted by the Popcorn, Indiana Company to review a couple of their products for my Easter Guide. I thought that this would be a great addition to any Easter Basket, because of the varieties they offer. The three that I would like to tell you a bit more about is the FIT, Granola Popcorn Clusters and the Sriracha.

I really loved these flavors and found them all very different, as you can imagine. What I like most about the Popcorn Indiana is that they do offer gluten-free products! So let’s get right to it, shall we? First off lets start with their FIT popcorn. I know that many of my readers are looking for healthier options when it comes to foods and snacks. FIT truly offers a crispy crunch, whole grains, only 40 calories or less and just  2g of fat per cup. It is also gluten-free and zero trans fats! Popcorn Indiana offers FIT in four different flavors, sea salt, Parmesan and Herb, Butter and olive oil. I received the sea salt and I have to say I was surprised to the flavor. It did not taste like I was eating healthy and for me that is a plus!


The next flavor product I received was the Sriracha. I have never been much for really spicy foods or flavors, but the Popcorn, Indiana Sriracha, is actually perfect. It does pack a bit of heat but it is wonderfully balanced with a bit of sweet. This product as well is gluten-free! Sometimes when I buy flavored popcorn from the store, it usually loses it crunch, but the Sriracha is not like that at all. They make this popcorn in small batches so that it does not lose any of its flavor or become just wilted popcorn in a bag.


The last flavor and the one that I was super excited to try is the Granola popcorn..wowza!! Is this stuff addicting. I received the Dark Chocolate Coconut and it is pure heaven in a bag. This comes in a resealable bag so that it is perfect for those Easter vacations coming up. Just grab the bag and go. I never would have thought that granola and popcorn could taste so good. The popcorn is popped to perfection then has granola including whole grain oats and other  ingredients like flax seeds and coconut flakes. If you have not tried this product yet, it is a must have!


All of the products I received were perfect. The popcorn was nicely handled and you’re not getting a bunch of little pieces. The Popcorn, Indiana Granola Popcorn is now available at participating Castco Store! You can find all their participating stores using their Find Us locator.



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