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Popcorn Balls with Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn

Since the holiday season is just around the corner, well in fact, we are knees deep in Christmas spirit. I thought along with my review of Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn, I would give you a super easy recipe to share with your loved ones this holiday season. Popcorn Balls have to be about my favorite treat and I don’t know why I don’t make them as often. They are super easy to make and with Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn, it is a pleasure.

Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn is so easy to use. They have everything already measured out for you! All you have to do is empty the packet and get poppin’. They offer a variety of different sizes as well as different quantities. The package I picked was the 24 pack of six-ounce. The flavor of this popcorn is outstanding and I have to admit, I am sort of picky when it comes to popcorn.

Popcorn is our obsession at Franklins. We make popcorn of a different era, from a time when you could count on your food to be wholesome and pure. We start with natural, non GMO organic corn that is grown by family-owned farms and combine it with 100% pure coconut oil and seasons of old time theater popcorn. Our popcorn isnt the cheapest in the market but give it a try and we think you will agree it is the best tasting.

For me the best part about this gourmet popcorn is that it is made in the USA as well as packaged. Buying local products is very important to my husband and I.

  • 100% pure COCONUT OIL. Gluten Free, Vegan, & Kosher.
  • Certified ORGANIC non-GMO popcorn. Grown in Iowa and packaged in the USA.
  • Fresh & Delicious. Tastes just like at the movie theaters.
  • EASY to pour pre-measured pack. Tri-pouch allows you to regulate the salt content.
  • Use in kettle popper or stove top pot.

This popcorn really does taste like it was made right in the movie theater! You can use these packages on the stove top (which I did) or you can use a kettle popper. I have to agree with, Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn. They are not the cheapest you can find on the market, but the quality of the product is outstanding. I would recommend checking this popcorn out. Now onto the popcorn balls. 🙂


I used a very simple recipe that I have used for years. It makes a delicious treat, simple and easy to make. I used peanuts, peanut butter chips and light corn syrup for the binding. They really came out wonderful and I was very pleased with the finished product. My husband loves anything peanut butter, so I thought I would make him a little treat for tonight.

Bites Popcorn Ball Recipe:

1/2 cup light corn syrup

1/2 cup Sugar

5 cups Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn

Lollypop stems

2 cups peanuts (use your favorite) For this recipe I used roasted peanuts

1 cup peanut butter chips (Reeses)

DSCN2892Pop your pop corn as recommended. Set it aside. In a heavy pot put your light corn syrup and Sugar. Bring to a boil. I like to add just a bit of peanut butter to this as well, but that is your choice. I just use about a heaping table-spoon, for flavor.

Once it is boiling take off burner and pour over your 5 cups of popcorn. Let it cool just a bit and then form them into balls. Depending upon how big your balls actually are you should get about 9, baseball sized popcorn balls.

Let them sit at room temperature to harden before packaging them.

SIMPLE!!! That is it. These make great little gifts as well! You can wrap them up to make them look very festive for the holidays or a birthday part. I do hope you try out this recipe and Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn. Both of them work hand in hand.



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