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For The Love Of Your Pooch: Pooch Perks Subscription Box

Spoiling your pets is a must! I know I am guilty, and many of you are as well, but it is so hard to find great products for your pet especially if you live in a very rural area like myself. One of the best ways that I have found to spoil your pet is a subscription box. Not only do you get fantastic products for your pet to try, but it is so much fun for them. Recently, I was able to try out Pooch Perks, which is a company that was founded to provide busy pet owners healthy, all natural, convenient dog products on a subscription basis. 

pooch perks

The great thing about Pooch Perks is that they offer so many different options when it comes to pricing. Over the summer, they added one more box to their collection, which is the Patriotic Pooch. This is full of wonderful made in the USA products from toys to treats.The box that I received was the Pampered Pooch box, which is $50.00 a month, and it was packed full of goodies, from treats to make my dogs drool to excellent toys. 

pooch perks

Both my dogs, Lucy, and Ricky went crazy over the toys. In fact, they both found their new favorites in this box. My little man Ricky loves to play with his car throughout the day and even when he takes a nap it is not far from his side. Such a cutie pie.

Everything in the box was very impressive, and you can really tell that Pooch Perks want to provide quality products to their customers. What I thought was really nice was the addition of the Snoutstick. I am always having a hard time finding this product around and needed some. These little sticks come in handy during the summer to help protect your dogs nose from UV. Along with the Snoutstick, there were several other products included. Including Pet Stain & Odor Remover, Butter Butter Honey Treats, Fruit and Veggie Treats, and even gourmet treats. Check them all out!

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What an amazing box right? I am very impressed with everything that is included. The pampered pooch box is something every pet owner should check out. The price of this particular box is $50.00 and from seeing everything, well worth every penny. Just to see the look on my dogs face is priceless. Now every time I get a package they think it is going to be their pooch perks box. Last night the delivery man pulled up and when Ricky sniffed the box and saw that it was not for him he gave me the craziest look. 


Make sure to head over to Pooch Perks to pick up a box and spoil your pups with all the goodies. I would suggest trying out the Pampered Pooch box, but there are several others to choose from. The prices range from $50.00 for the Pampered Pooch down to $20.00 for the Pennywise Pooch. Any of them would be perfect. 


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