Play Love Laugh Natural Nail Polish

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If you are looking for a natural nail polish, you can’t get much more natural than Play Love Laugh. This company offers a wide collection of nail polish that comes in many colors, sure to please your little princess. Unlike other “natural” polishes, they do not use plasticizers. Plasticizers are plastic, and they only use non carcinogenic, safe, and nontoxic ingredients.

Ingredient List

water- soluble/nontoxic copolymer

 fruit & vegetables,

natural mineral

pure cane sugar

may include: nontoxic pigments, and/or nontoxic glitter, and LOVE!

Our polishes are plant based: made using fruits & vegetables. You’ll see on our ingredient list we use lemons, spinach, beets, carrots, black currants, acerola cherry, and sugar.We truly are, as natural as it gets!!!!!

DSCN3478When I received this product it a bit separated, but once I shook it, everything easily blended together. The nail polish itself goes on very nicely and has a vibrant bold color.  I have a very active lifestyle most of the time and found that this polish only lasted about three days before it started to come off.

This product would be perfect to have a mommy and me day! As winter is rearing its ugly head across the United States, Play Love Laugh would be perfect to spend those days with your daughter. This is a peel-off nail polish, so it really is perfect for any age and with the ingredients not being toxic, you don’t have to worry about accidents. Play Laugh love offers three wonderful sets like the, Girls Just wanna have fun, It’s a Play Date and Princess Day. These sets run $17.99, which is not a bad price for the hassle-free and worry-free nail polish.




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