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Organization Must Haves With RuMe

Howdy, everyone! I hope that you are having a beautiful week? Today I wanted to share with you a couple of amazing products from RuMe. All of these items are perfect for back to school and even on summer vacations. RuMe has one major objective when it comes to their products, and that is to save you time and money. As we all know when traveling, it can get expensive when it comes to luggage, but with the help of RuMe, you can save the fees when it comes to checking in baggage and stay organized every step of the way.

I also feel that these would be perfect for anyone heading back to college this fall. Helping them to keep everything organized and ready to rock when needed. Below you will find a little roundup of each handpicked product that I felt perfect for both travel and college, but first, let me talk about the quality. RuMe and everything that I received is very well made of super light material.

Launched on Earth Day, Colorado-based RuMe, short for ReUseMe, designs consumer products that deliver on the growing needs of environmentally conscious consumers who don’t want to sacrifice style and functionality for sustainability. RuMe’s product line has evolved into a complete lifestyle collection that focuses on functional innovation and self-expression through colorful patterns and customization. Each product, from the RuMe ID Luggage Tags to the “GTO” Garment Travel Organizer, demonstrates the quality, affordability, and style that started with the original line of reusable bags.


RuMeThe Perfect RuMe Items For Travel Or Back To College

Keep Your Tech Together With The Techie Bundle

One thing that RuMe understands is that having our tech with us at all times is a must. We are very social creatures and no matter if you are heading off to college or on that summer trip you want to stay connected. RuMe offers a ton of different products to help you keep everything organized and ready to go. With the Techie Bundle, you receive everything you need to stay organized while on the go when it comes to your tech!

Included in the Techie Bundle is the Tech Enchilada which is perfect to keep your cords organized and easily found at all times. Two times the size of their traditional Tech Taco (which I will show you next), this cord organizer tackles computer cords, laptop chargers, extension cords, and TV cables. It features two snap closures to adjust for different-sized cords. 

I actually used this to hold my MacBook Pro cord while I was packing up today on a little secret trip and they worked perfectly. In the bundle, you also get this cute little pouch to keep your tech enchiladas ready for use.

Along with the Tech Enchilada, you also get three Tech Tacos. These are the same design as the enchilada only smaller for smaller cords of course. When I am on the go, I have one cell phone and two tables that are always with me because I am obsessive. LOL. The tacos are perfect to keep the cords in order at all times. 

Also included in the techie bundle is a Baggie all and a cClean (set of two). This bundle is perfectly made for everyone that enjoys having their tech in order. I can’t stress enough how much this has saved me time when looking for cords or just keeping everything together. 

Sat Pack

No matter if you are traveling or heading off to college the Sat Pack is perfect to get organized when it comes to clothing and bulky items you need to store. I have a very small house so when it comes to space I am very limited just like in a dorm room. You only have so much room to work with. The Sat Pack is simple to use. Let’s say you have that large blanket you don’t use during the summer months and want to store it away. Simply fold it up and stick it in the Sat Pack. Kneel or sit on it and tighten the straps. It compresses everything to fit into a small space or under the bed. 

Traveling? This is perfect for a suitcase. I know that I am guilty of over packing for every situation. My husband yells at me each time we go away but you just never know. Right?! You can use the Sat Pack to compress everything to fit perfectly into your suitcase doing away with the extra charges when it comes to airline fees.

Credit Card Pouch

The last item that I would like to share with you today is the Credit Card Pouch. These buggers are just too cute!! They have so many uses, not just for credit cards but you could store anything small such as hair ties, change and so much more. I don’t know about you but I am always digging in my purse to find a hair tie, and it gets so annoying when I just can’t seem to find it. With these little pouches, you can find anything and everything with ease. 

I decided on the Treat Yourself and Big Dreams pouches because I just thought they were perfect not just for Credit Cards but for everything!

I do hope you check out RuMe and how they can help you get organized in life, travel and back to school. They have so many different options. Since this posting is so long, I decided to do the last product the Tote Organizer in its own posting. Make sure to check back for that! RuMe offers a huge assortment of budget-friendly options when it comes to getting your life a bit more organized.




In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.