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Organization & Function From Five Star

Howdy, everyone! I hope you are having a beautiful week. As well all prepare for the upcoming school season (some of you might have already started)I wanted to share a couple of product from Five Star to help every student get organized. I can remember each summer season when I was heading back to school looking for the hottest new items and finding that I always returned to my standard brand, Five Star. Five Star has experience in understanding what a student’s needs and that is why through all my years of grade school and even now, Five Star is my go to when I am looking for the best of the best when it comes to notebooks, folders, organizational products and beyond.


Today I wanted to share a couple of my favorite items for the 2017 school kick off. All of these are perfect for organization not to mention to make the school year a bit easier on everyone. Five Star offers amazing durability that is sure to last the entire school year.

I can remember that I was actually still in school when things started to get heavy and I had to carry more items throughout the day. It seems that each year the list of books, notebooks, and so on keeps getting heavier and heavier. This means that everyone parents and students need to take into consideration what they are using to carry these items and keep them together.

A Few Of My Favorite Five Star Products

I would have to say one of my favorite backpacks is the Expandable Backpack. It offers everything that you could need during your school year. I love how this works like luggage giving you extra room for those bulky days ahead. Not to mention this back pack is super comfortable to carry. I have been using it and loading it with all kinds of things testing it out, including using it as my supply pack when going on hikes. The straps are comfortable, and I don’t feel awkward using it.

One thing that I love about this backpack is that you can actually carry the Zipper Binder With Easy Access perfectly inside and still have a ton of room for other items. Most large binders such as this usually takes up all the room but not in this backpack.

The second must have item that I feel should be carried by every one, student or not, because it is so handy is the Hybrid Flex Hybrid Notebinder. This baby is amazing! Yes, it is a notebook, but it is a binder. I, love the soft cover and the one thing that is really wonderful about this notebinder is that the actual rings are very nicely made.  Super cool!

The third must have item I feel for every student is the Zipper Binder with easy access. I always had one of these in school, but it was never as cool as this. When it comes to a successful school year being organized is so important! The 4″ Zipper Binder can help. The Five Star Zipper Binder + Easy Access features durable construction that keeps contents secure and protected. The double zipper closure ensures papers don’t fall out or get lost while you’re on the go, while the Clearview flap allows for quick and easy access when you don’t have time to unzip the entire binder.

Its 1.5-inch rings hold up to 380, 3-hole punched sheets. Plus, this binder also includes an expanding file that can hold additional 180 sheets, making it great for storing homework, handouts and other loose notes. Durable cover has a double zipper closure and is water-resistant.  Clearview flap allows for easy access on the go Expanding file, and 1.5-inch rings hold 480 sheets combined.

All of these items really can be used for any student in high school or college, and I feel each is made to perfection. Five Star has many more items available to get organized but for me, these three items are a must have for everyone. You can purchase Five Star online or in stores. With its durability and prices, it really is a no brainer.


In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.