What Is Ricky And Ike Snacking On This Month From Chewy Part One: Nutro Kitchen Classics


Howdy Folks! I hope this blog posting finds you well. Today I wanted to share with you a new product Ricky and Ike have been nibbling on from Chewy.com. As most of you know, I was accepted to be one of their influencers, and I am honored for the chance. Most of all, I think Ricky and Ike have enjoyed the little goodies every month. So without further blabbing, let’s get down to it, shall we?

This first posting is a company that I am very familiar with in fact I still to this day buy the food from Chewy, Nutro Ultra Puppy Food. This has become something that I will always use because honestly as Ike has grown up, he can’t have anything but that food. No table scraps, no little treats (well. maybe one or two). He has the most sensitive stomach I have ever seen in a dog, but he is our little man.

Nutro Kitchen ClassicsThis month both of our dogs have tried out the Nutro Kitchen Classics Premium Loaf Variety Pack, and so far both of them are gobbling it down. I do want to let you know one thing before I move on. When it comes to wet dog food, I have always been a mixer. Meaning that I do half dry and half wet. This has worked for me in the past so that my dog’s stomachs do not get upset. Remember that if you are thinking about switching dog foods that you need to take it slow so that your baby can adjust.


The one HUGE benefit that I love about the Nutro Kitchen Classics is that they do have limited ingredients. Not only is this perfect for Ike but Ricky as well. As Ricky has gotten older, I have found that he has a very hard time with digestion. It is sad because all the things that he used to enjoy he just leaves them be now because they upset his stomach. I loved to see him light up when I opened the can of Nutro Kitchen Classics; it was as if he knew “Yup. Mommy this is my kinda food”. Such a cutie.

In the summer Ricky and I escape by our selves to take a little picnic lunch in the woods. It is something that we have done for years and will continue to do. We both just like to get away sometimes. This afternoon I took a little bit of the Kitchen Classics as a snack and put it on a plate. I then gave him some flowers. He is such a gentleman.



I just adore the Nutro line of products, and both of my dogs seem to do very well with them. I would highly suggest checking out the Kitchen Classics Premium Loaf variety pack which includes the Grass Fed Lamb & Brown Rice Dinner And Slow Cooked Chicken, Rice & Oatmeal Dinner Canned Dog Food, 12.5-oz, a case of 6, for only $10.79 (cheaper if you do auto ship). Also be sure to check out the spoiler to part two of “What Ricky And Ike Are Snacking On The Month From Chewy” below. Chat soon, my friends. 


In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.

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