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Never Miss That Important Call Again With Ditto

Tired of missing phone calls? Check out Ditto


Don’t you hate it when someone calls your cell phone, and you miss the call because you did not hear your darn phone ring? I know that this happens to me a lot. Especially when I am in a crowded restaurant or cleaning around the home. Ditto can make sure that you never miss that call, text or alarm again.

Considered one of the best new gadgets from 2016 CES, Ditto is a tiny and sleek wearable; that’s perfect gift or addition to your accessories. Ditto can be slipped into a jean pocket, clipped on a strap or worn on a band, and vibrates when all (or just the important) texts, calls, emails and other notifications come through—with custom vibrations created by you. It will also alert you if you’re about to leave your smartphone behind!


Setting Up Your New Ditto 

The setup process for the Ditto is super easy. All you have to do is install the “Wear Ditto” app from the app store or google play. Make sure that the battery is installed into the unit. This is what I really love about the Ditto is that I don’t have to worry about charging the unit itself. 


Lastly, you will go through a couple of little steps. First, the app will connect to the Ditto. This took maybe a minute to do. Once that was done if there is a firmware update you will want to proceed with that. 


Then you will give permission to allow the Ditto to accept notifications. Once this is done, you can customize everything. You can pick apps on your phone that you would like to receive notifications from, pick your favorites when it comes to your contact list, alarm as well as a timer. 


Everything was super easy to set up, and the Ditto is the perfect tool to help you never miss that important call or text again. You can wear the Ditto on the enclosed band or you can clip it onto your clothing. Personally, I like to clip it onto my jeans or shorts. The Ditto is also waterproof so you can wear it everywhere. 


 You can purchase the Ditto online for $39.95. So far I have had no problems using this throughout the day and did I mention that I don’t have to charge it!! That is huge for me!! Something that I don’t have to remember to plug in, BONUS…



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