When it comes to foods or snacks in subscription boxes, sometimes it can be hard to find a box that can meet your dietary needs. NatureBox can help you not only stick to your dietary goal, but send you delicious treats each month to help combat those cravings. Snacking is part of just about anyone’s lifestyle, but it is so hard to find quality snacks, that will still give you the ingredients you need to stick to dietary goals.

NatureBox Promise

200 Calories or less, per 30g serving

No high fructose corn syrup

No hydrogenated oils

No artifical colors, sweeteners or flavors

No added sulfites

Yes to nurtitios additions like chai, flax, fiber & other superfoods

Yes to thoughtful sourcing, & high quality ingredients

Yes to the new, the delicious, & now

I received a wonderful box from NatureBox and I have to admit, I have been snacking non-stop this morning. Trying out all the goodies that were included. I received five full size snack bags of products that I am totally in love with.  I am about the biggest snack queen you will ever find. Even though I snack, literally, all day long, I do watch what snacks I eat. I have to eat a very high calorie intake every day to maintain my weight and stay somewhat healthy. Let’s go through a little bit about each of the snacks I received and what I thought about them.

Mini Belgian Waffles


These yummy little waffles are so good. They remind me of my grandmother. She used to make homemade Pizzelles and these taste just like them. They are not as sweet as a pizzelle, but just as good. They have a very nice sweet vanilla flavor. These little buggers are just so good. The Mini Belgian Waffles have the consistency of a crunchy cookie and really leave you wanting more.

Jalapeno White Cheddar Popcorn



POPCORN!!! Need I say more. he he he. I really was surprised that I liked this popcorn. I am not a big fan of anything spicy, because of my stomach issues, but these are so well rounded. The flavor of the jalapeno and white cheddar, really balance themselves out. This popcorn is whole grain and really would be an excellent addition to any movie night.

Dark Cocoa Nom Noms



These remind me so much of a no bake cookie! It is not overly sweet, but just right. The oats are sweetened with a touch of honey and the dark chocolate really elevates the flavor. These could really help with those days when you just need a little something sweet to tide you over. They are only 100 calories, with 45 calories from fat! I don’t think that is bad at all for these delicious nom noms.

PB & J Granola



I have never been a fan of Peanut butter & Jelly, but I was very pleased with this granola. It really has a wonderful flavor of peanut better and the added sweet strawberries and raisins, just elevates the flavor. These would be perfect for an afternoon snack for your child or even your friends.

Citrus Kick Almonds



I adore these Almonds. Again when I first read the package and saw the word kick, I always think that it is going to be spicy. These almonds have a very fresh orange and lime flavor. You might be thinking, what? Yup! Orange and Lime! They are so good. As I am writing this post I am actually eating some. They just have a flavor that will leave you wanting more! On the back of the package it said to use these almonds to create a sandwich and so I did. I put the almonds in a food processor and made this amazing nut butter!!! I gobbled my sandwich right up!

Final Thoughts:

Out of all the products I received from the NatureBox, I would have to say the waffles and the almonds are my favorite. I love eating foods and snacks, that think outside the box. If you would like to try out NatureBox, you can receive a free trial. Your trial will include 4 single serving bags and one full size bag. The membership to this box is only $19.95 per month and you receive 5 full-sized bags! This is not a bad price at all. NatureBox does let you customize your first deluxe box from over 100+ snacks. You get to choose!!

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In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.