In an age when everyone is always on the go, people tend to like to find items that they can add to their lives to make life that much simpler. Having a smart home is often not in everyone’s budget but there are products out there that can actually advance your home instead of purchasing a costly system. MyQ Garage is one of those products. MyQ Garage is made by a company called Chamberlain, many of you might already be familiar with their line of products and advancements in home products. As a manufacturer of some of the world’s most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective home control products, Chamberlain is determined to build its established reputation as the industry leader.

MyQ Garage

So you might be wondering what exacly the MQ Garage do and what can if offer you? The new MyQ Garage connected device and smartphone app lets you open or close the garage door from anywhere, shows you if the garage is open or closed, and provides you absolute peace of mind, knowing that your home is safe and secure. Included in the box you receive everything you need to install this unit, the Wi-Fi hub and the door sensor along with hardware to attach the hub. Setting up this system literally takes about 25 minutes from start to finish. After you have located the best spot for you to place the hub (make sure you have a good wi-fi signal) turn on your Bluetooth and connect the MQ. Once this is connect, the App store will open, just proceed to download the app. After that is done simply mount the hub and the sensor in the best locations. 

Key features of MyQ Garage:

  • Garage door remotes that are left in the car are a target for thieves; MyQ lives on your cell phone, so there’s no need to have a clicker in your car
  • MyQ sends push notifications when your garage is in use (and when it’s been left open) so whether you’re on vacation or out running an errand you can make sure the garage is always closed
  • Installs in minutes – less than five simple steps before it’s ready to use — great for a DIY consumer
  • Plug and play with your existing garage door opener and WiFi router — syncs seamlessly with your existing technology

In all, I really love this device. Since I don’t have a garage door myself, I gave this to a neighbor and set it up for her. She absolutely loves it and has had no problems with the system over the past two week. To use this system, you must have a garage door opener that use safety reversing sensors located at the bottom of the garage door track. You can find out more about compatibility with your existing garage door here. The purchase price for this unit is $129.99 and can be purchased on the Chamberlain site. This would make a great Father’s Day gift or even a little something for you own home. With everyone always being on the go, it is so important to find ways to keep an eye on your home. 


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