Are Your Mornings In A Rush? The Perfect On The Go Snack & Coffee Mug


Happy Happy Joy Joy! LOL. Today I was thinking about Ren and Stimpy, weird I know, but as a child and still to this day I love that show. I need to get me some R&S pops! Well, that had nothing to do with anything but, today I wanted to share with you the perfect companion for your morning rush. Most of us just don’t have time to eat a full breakfast, and with classes starting soon, we all will be rushing around. No matter if you are a mom or your first year in college the fall is certainly a busy time.

There are so many options out there when it comes to a quick little snack when you are heading out for your day. Recently I decided to check out a new item (well, new to me) called Bakerly Crepes. These babies are so stinking good. Like slap your mom or dad for never making something that darn good.

These Crepes come in packages of 6 individually wrapped crepes and come in just any flavor to please your taste buds. Personally, my FAV is the new Caramel filled Crepes with yummy crispy cereal. It has the perfect crunch, and if you are a caramel lover like myself, these are a must in your backpack or purse.

All the flavors are just perfect, and Bakerly offers the crunchy caramel, strawberry, chocolate and crunchy chocolate. These are the perfect on the go snack or if you are running around and need a little pick me up these are perfect not to mention NON-GMO 😉

Let me set the scene:

So you are rushing around to school or taking the kids to school, munching down on your Crepe filled with creamy caramel and crunchy cereal, when BAM! you need a drink. One thing I don’t lack in life are travel mugs but finding a great travel mug is sometimes hard. Either they don’t last, because I literally use mine every day or they just don’t keep things cold or hot enough.

One of my favorite brands when it comes to travel mugs is Contigo. They have such an amazing line of different mugs to choose from, and since I have been using the Contigo line, I have had no problems keeping my drink just how I want it, not to mention they have some cute choices.

Every Contigo product is engineered with your on-the-go lifestyle in mind, because it’s our lifestyle too. We commute a long way to work via bus or train (or both), have active households, and like our morning coffee piping hot and our post-workout water icy cold. We get it. We also track your questions, comments, and suggestions and then we actually apply them. After hours of designing, discussing, making coffee, engineering, tinkering and testing, we get our products to exactly where we want them. In your hands.

Perfect On the go snack

The mug in the picture above is one of the Contigo TwistSeal Travel Mugs. This baby just like the Crepes is my BFF. I literally kept my coffee at the perfect temperature for hours. My coffee never lasts that long, but the entire time it was still hot. This mug also offers a super easy cleaning for the lid.

This is one of the reasons that I adore the Contigo line of products because most of them do offer an Easy cleaning lid. I know that you have had a mug that you used for years, but if you really take that thing apart and look inside, you would be amazed to the nastiness you find.

Perfect On the go snackNot only does Contigo offer the perfect coffee mugs but they also offer a couple of water bottles, my personal favorite is the Glass water bottle. It is PBA free,   and you also get the AUTOSPOUT (no more spills), one hand operation, and leak proof. All of these have a life time guarantee which makes it that much sweeter.

These two products are a must for when rushing around this school year. No matter if you are hitting the books in college or rushing around taking the kiddos to school these are a must to check out. Be sure to check out Bakerly and Contigo online and see what all they have to offer. Also, there will be one more posting soon on each of these products for the fall season 🙂



In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.

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