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Howdy, everyone. I hope that you are having a beautiful week? So things have been a bit slow since moving to the new site, but we are getting back on track. Back end issues are never fun in WordPress. Today I wanted to share a couple of amazing drink mixers from Master Of Mixes. They have an amazing line of products to get you mixing your summer drinks like a pro.

I had a chance to check out a couple of mixers from Master of Mixes, and I must say that they are super easy to use and taste amazing. Today I would like to show you how to easily use these to create a layered cocktail (alcoholic or none) as well as a beautiful Sangria to share with friends. Since it is summer time, there is nothing better than adding fresh fruit to your drinks, not only does this make them look amazing but it also adds a bit of flair to your drinks.

Master Of MixesMaster of Mixes non-alcoholic cocktail mixers are sourced from only the freshest fruit from around the world picked at peak ripeness (the mangoes are from India, and the strawberries are from California, for example), and the company employs a full-time food scientist who has decades of experience in the cocktail industry creating only the most delicious and high-quality mixers. The family-owned company has been exclusively dedicated to cocktail mixers since it began in the 70s and is now the #1 selling cocktails mixer brand in the U.S.

The one major thing that I love about the Master Of Mixes is that it takes the guess work out of getting the perfect balance of mixer vs. the alcohol. On the back label, you will find how to mix as well as different recipes.

White Sangria Mixer

Master Of Mixers

This has to be my favorite Sangria mixer because it is not overly sweet and made with six premium fruit juices. You can’t go wrong making these for friends this summer. Simply add 2 parts white wine and one part mix. That easy!! I simply added some cherries and lime into the mixture to give it a little more flavor that I love and well to make it simply cute. Try adding a bit of sprinkle to the rim of the glass to give it that cuteness as well 😉



Layered Mango & Peach Daiquiri

So who doesn’t love to make layered drinks? They are actually sometimes very difficult to achieve, but when working with a daiquiri, it is super simple. I used the Master of Mixes Mango and Peach Daiquiri mix to just do a simple layered drink. These are perfect with or without alcohol and fun just to sit and sip them by the pool. Again like the Sangria the recipe to make the perfect daiquiri is on the back. I decided to not use tequila since I am not a huge fan but rum instead. In a blender simply add 2 oz of rum, 5 oz of mix and about two cups of ice. I used a bit more for the bottom layer to make sure that it would hold the top.


Personally, I don’t think this could have come out better. I put a couple of sprinkles on the top because, welp, I love sprinkles.


I would highly suggest when mixing your drinks this summer to check out Master Of Mixes. They have a ton more different flavors and mixes for you to enjoy and start to mix like a pro for all of your get together’s this summer season. You can check out their entire line of products online. Happy sipping my friends.


In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.

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