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Maxwell House Iced Coffee Concentrate

As I sit here sipping on my new go to iced coffee, I figured, I guess it is time for me to share it with the world, how much I enjoy the new Maxwell House Iced Coffee Concentrate. As you might have figured out, I love products, especially drinks and food, that are easy to prepare. It is not that I am lazy, but I like to keep life simple. I want more time playing than sitting and preparing the perfect iced coffee or meal. Maxwell House is a name that most household know and trust. Since Maxwell House was introduced in 1892 it has become infamous for their coffee products. Did you know that Maxwell House is actually named after the Maxwell House Hotel, in Nashville, TN? I did not know that. Just a little fun fact for the day.


A couple of weeks ago Maxwell house introduced their newest product to the family, the iced coffee concentrate. Each small bottle makes about ten glasses of iced coffee to enjoy over these hot summer days coming up around the corner. They come in the house blend, Vanilla and Caramel flavors. I received the house blend, which is absolutely delish on its own, but I always need a touch of flavor in my iced coffee.


To make the perfect cup of iced coffee using this product is really simple. You can either use water or milk, personally I prefer water, but it is how you would like to make it. Just add one squeeze per 8oz of the water or milk. Next just add your creamer and ice! That is it, TADA, you have a great beverage. Don’t get me wrong I love all the fancy coffee joints all around this great nation, but if I can make something very similar at home, why not save the money?


I highly recommend checking out the new Maxwell House Iced Coffee Concentrate. You can find these in most stores (example Walmart) as well online at Amazon. You get one 1.62 oz squeeze bottle for $3.99 (house blend), so imagine how much you’re saving when you can skip the coffee shops! I used a bit of Vanilla Macchiato in mine as well as some whipped cream. YUMMY!! Bottoms up 🙂  


In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.