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As the days get warmer it is time to get outside and enjoy the summer. Finding games that the entire family can enjoy sometimes is a chore, but one game most families love to play together is toss. I had the chance to try Malibu Sports & Recreation Ultra Djubi Toss and it is so much fun, that even my little girl Lucy got evolved. Malibu Sports & Recreation offers products that promote an active lifestyle for the family to enjoy. 

“We’re excited to unveil Malibu Sports & Recreation this spring to inspire friends and families to spend quality time together and create life-long memories,” said Ronnie Frankowski, CMO, Day 6 Sports Group. “Our goal is to share the same positive influences we experienced growing up being active and having fun with those closest to us.”


If your family loves to play toss they are really going to get a kick out of Ultra Djubi Toss. It is really simple to master, but I must admit, I am still not very good at catching. Each kit comes with a long flight, foam Djubi ball and two easy catch nets. This ball really soars and it also floats on the water, so it would make a great game when at the ocean this summer.

On each net is a built-in launcher, simply put the elastic band from the ball around the launcher and watch the ball soar! One other feature that I thought was nice with this set is that there is a no-slip grip on the nets. This allows more control of the net, when making those priceless catches. Here is a picture of how the ball attached to the launcher. (Don’t mind that grass. I am still trying to get it to grow in that area, with no success

Ultra Djubi

Not only is this game perfect for playing in the yard, but because it does not take up a lot of room, why not pack it to go on vacation? You can play anywhere from parks, beaches, pools, camping, even this winter in the snow! Ok. Let’s not think about snow right now. Malibu Sports & Recreation can be purchased at sporting retailers and the price for the Ultra Djubi Launch and Catch game is $19.99. A great price to start having fun this summer. 


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