Lucid’ Audio’s AMPED Bluetooth Neckband For Home & Travel


There are so many things in life that I could not live without. We all have them. Those items that seem to always be with us no matter what is going on or items that are used each day. Today I thought I would share a new Bluetooth headphones called Lucid’ Audio’s AMPED Bluetooth Neckband. I actually enjoy using this product because it gives me the options that I need not only in daily life but when traveling as well.

Lucid’ Audio’s AMPED Bluetooth Neckband

Monday through Friday for me are total work days. Even when I am not writing a post, I am doing things behind the scenes to help me succeed in what I do. It is very hard to make any money blogging, but finally, after finding my “thang”, I can say “cha-ching.” This means that I can devote my time to my blog totally but also means that I am typing a great deal of the time.

I could not do it without the help of my favorite tunes. Before my father in law came to live with us, I would just play music through a Bluetooth speaker, but now I have to use headphones. This can cause problems as well as when my father in law is wondering or needs assistance I don’t all the time hear him. Then I found out about the Lucid Audio AMPED Bluetooth Neck-band.

Lucid’ Audio’s AMPED Bluetooth neckband includes innovative technology allowing the users to hear more of what they want and less of what they don’t. It’s the Genius of AMPED and No more trade-offs. You control what you want to hear and what you don’t for each situation. So when I am rocking out to my tunes in my office, I can still have the ability to hear what is going on around me using the AMPED control between the volume of the ambient sound and the wireless Bluetooth feed!! TOTAL WIN WIN!!

Use Lucid’ Audio’s AMPED Bluetooth Neckband When Traveling

When I am traveling, these have also come in handy. I don’t know about you, but when I am sitting in an airport waiting for a flight, there is just so many texts I can send. I want to listen to my music, but it is still important to be aware of the situations around you right? Even on a flight, you want to be able to hear the attendants and instructions but still come on; we want music!!


Again the Lucid Audio AMPED Bluetooth neckband is the perfect choice for at home and traveling. Being able to enjoy your music while still being able to hear the world around you! These do have a rechargeable battery as so far I have only had to charge the unit the initial time. You can get up to 10 hours of enjoyment on one charge. Along with your new Bluetooth neckband, you also get a USB cable so that you can charge on the go.

So you know that these babies can let you enjoy your music while still being aware of what is going on around you but it also has a couple of other features I would like to tell you about. Firstly, the unit itself is super light! When I say light, I mean LIGHT. You hardly can tell you have anything on at all. All the controls are right on the side of the neckband which is handy, including the earbud retracting button.

Using the Lucid Audio AMPED Bluetooth neckband, you can also answer your phone calls or just ignore the ones that you don’t want to answer. All you have to do to answer or reject a call is to hold the pairing button with a short press to answer or a long press to reject.

Along with the charging cable and the headphones themselves you also get a handy little travel bag to keep everything together. I love that Lucid included this! I can’t stand not being able to keep a charger and headphones together when I am packing my carry on bag.

You can check out the Lucid Audio AMPED Bluetooth Neck-Band online, and they actually offer this in two different colors (black and white). I highly recommend checking them out and this would make a great addition to anyone looking for the convenience of listening to their music while traveling while still being able to hear what is going on around them. Stay caffeinated my friends and until next time, rock on 🙂



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