Let RETape Save Your Chips And Snacks This Summer


Howdy, all!! I hope that you all are having a fine week so far. Today I thought I would share with you all a great way to keep your family from wasting so many chips and crackers this summer season. When entertaining guests I love to have little chips and dips available for my guests just in case they want a snack but always fine myself searching for the chip clips when the night is over. Re-tape is a great way to help you save your chips so that they don’t go stale. 

One main reason that I fell in love with REtape is that as you all know a chip clip does not work very well on crackers, mine always seems to still go stale, but with REtape not only do I know that it will be fresh but I can take crackers time and time again and use the same piece of REtape because it is resealable. How cool right? REtape reminds me of the tape that comes with some bags of crackers that are resealable, but this makes everything you have resealable. 



Not only can you use REtape to seal your goodies and chips but it could also be used on Tupperware so that you are not permanently writing on your containers. This is so easy to peel off that you can just write what it is in the container, then when it is all gone peel it off the container and throw it away. 


I feel this would make a great summer, heck all year long must have when it comes to many things that you do around the home from saving your chips and crackers from going stale, to writing on your plastic containers and even help you on your vacations this summer. 

You can use REtape to wrap around your shampoo or facewash so that it does not leak in your suitcase. Then you can reuse it when you are ready for the trip home. How perfect. I know I have had a time or two when things have leaked in my bags, not anymore šŸ˜‰


You can purchase REtape online for $10.00 plus shipping. It does come with 500 feet of tape so that should last some time. Right now you also get an additional roll and dispenser as well, so that is 1000 feet of REtape. I do hope that you check it out. Head on over to http://www.retape.com/ to learn more. Stay caffeinated my friends. 


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