Let Foobot Help You Control Your Home Air Quality


Howdy, all. I hope that you all are having a beautiful day (or had). Today I had a chance to check out a product that I actually have never heard of before this posting, and I must say that this thing is cool. It is called Foobot and simply put it will help you monitor indoor air quality and help guide you to keep their homes free of dangerous, even carcinogenic, airborne pollutants. This time of the year always just kills me and the pollen is so bad it is crazy!!


Air pollution causes millions of deaths each year, making it the number one environmental cause of premature death worldwide. Indoor pollution is particularly potent, with cleaning sprays, cooking fumes and other harmful chemicals often unable to vent properly. But while outdoor air is cleaner on average, the random nature of wind and other forces make it difficult to predict. This is where Foobot comes in. It will help you understand what exactly is in the air you are breathing. 

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Recently, my husband and I did a massive remodel and cleaned. Anytime that you do large cleaning sprees or spring cleaning, you kick up the dirt. When you are cleaning Foobot might have you open up a window, but where this technology really gets fun is that it actually can tell you what the air quality is right outside your home using Breezeometer

When it comes to setting up the Foobot, it could not get any easier, really!! Simply unpackage the unit and power cord. It has a USB, but you also get an adaptor so that you can plug it into a simple wall socket. Once everything is out you will want to connect your new Foobot to the app which you download (free of charge). You can use the  Foobot app to check the details of y air quality while getting instant alerts if there’s a serious problem. You will go through very easy steps like flipping the unit upside down and setting up an account. Different lights will flash then turn blue. 

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This does have to be set up through a wifi connection so make sure that you have that available when setting up your Foobot. That is all you have to do. You now will see readings that come up on the screen. You will want to let the Foobot acclimate to the environment for about three days so that you are seeing the correct readings. 

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If you use IFTTT, you can make it control other smart devices based on your air quality. So if any of the pollutants exceed the WHO’s recommended threshold, it can automatically switch on an air filter or a fan, turn off a scent diffuser, etc. And since the Belkin WeMo smart plugs exist, the filter/fan/, etc. itself doesn’t need to be smart.
In all the Foobot is easy to set up and really something that every home could use to stay informed about the air quality not only inside of your home but outside as well, Helping you make the right choices when opening a window or when you need to turn on a fan. Foobot is available online via Amazon and Foobot.io for $199. The iOS companion app now includes BreezoMeter and is free on the App Store. Airboxlab will add the same functionality to the Android companion app soon. 


In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.

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