Tables are everywhere. In the coffee shops, at home and even in restaurants. There are so many to choose from based on the needs that you have. The Kocaso MX780 is the perfect bundled tablet for every day use. This tablet features 4.4 Android KitKat, with a 7 inch HD display (1080P). It also has a Quad-Core Processor and dual cameras! When it comes to memory it offers an 8GB which can be expanded to 32GB. I use a lot of space on any tablet or laptop, so being able to expand the storage is something very important to me.

Included in this bundle are a few items that I always end up spending extra money on. In your box you receive a screen protector, earphones, stylus pen and a carry pouch.


I have used this tablet for about a week now on odd jobs that I have had to do with my blog. I find that it runs smoothly for doing little jobs like social media and pictures. One thing that I was impressed about was the fact that how quickly pages load. I have another tablet (will not mention any names) that I used often for small things on the web and it would take forever for pages to load. This is the first android tablet I have owned and I must say that I am in love with the way that they work! The dual cameras work great for certain uses, such as outdoor pictures. Indoors I found that they were not very clear, since there is no flash on the tablet.

This tablet also comes with a couple of already installed apps such as Google Play Store, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Flipit, Temple Run, Solitaire, Adobe Reader, Facebook, E-Reader, Netflix, Skype, Youtube, Twitter, Google Talk, Google Chrome, Amazon Kindle, and more.  I love the 7 inch HD display and find that is perfect for what I will use if for. I have streamed a movie on it and it functions properly.


The Kocaso MX780 Tablet can be purchased on Amazon for $65.99, plus shipping. This is really a great price for a tablet. The only thing that I did notice with this tablet was that from certain angles the screen is not clear. This really is no biggie for me, but something that you should know, before purchasing. I have had no problems running my web-based applications, such as Office and a couple of photo software programs (web-based). This tablet is really perfect for all ages! Very easy to use and navigate and the price makes it perfect for that “first tablet”. This tablet does come in some amazing colors as well. This makes it perfect if you have a couple of children who all want their own tablet. You can get each of them their favorite colors, so they will not get mixed up.




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