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Have you ever heard of KnockerBall? If you love sports and the outdoors, you’re going to fall in love with these balls as much as I have. All winter I have waited for the snow to break, to try this bad boy out. First off, let me explain what they are exactly. The Knockerball is a giant sphere that you actually slip inside of. It is made of a heavy-duty plastic. When I say heavy-duty, I mean heavy-duty. Near the seams you will find that it is actually doubled over with the plastic so that there is no fear of a tear. These can be played with individually to just roll around in or you can get friends together and play some KnockerBall. This is actually a sport that is just now hitting the United States and I am happy to say that this is one sport, I would love to be apart of.


The Knockballs that I received were actually the red and clear balls. It consists of 8 panels of which two are red, but the position of the red panels are in the back so that they will not hinder your vision. I had so much fun with these balls and plan to make many more videos in the weeks to come. My friends and husband, actually would not try these out with me because they were scared they would pop or not work. Being the fearless Betty, that I am, off I went with my ball in the yard. Here is what happened!

As you can see it is so much fun!!! The knocker balls actually come in two sizes. The medium, which is 1.2 meters and the large at 1.5 meters. The one in the video is the medium and I will have a video posted with the large here in a couple of days. On the inside of the ball is two handles, along with two shoulder straps. The handles really give you a bit more control over the ball. The shoulder straps are so that you actually stay in the ball. I had no problem fitting into the medium ball, but could not curl myself inside. For this I would need to use the larger ball.


The only thing my I had a problem doing was blowing the Knockerball up.  I had to enlist the help of my husband to figure that one out. We have a very small air compressor, so it took us some time to blow up the small one and the hole that the air is about as big as a quarter.  We had to act like MacGyver to get this thing blown up, but in the end it was worth every second. I am in the process of finding a better way to blow these things up. When I do I will update this posting.



Not only can these balls be used individually, but they are so much fun when you get a couple of friends together! Here is a video from the KnockerBall website, so you can really see what gravity defying fun can be had.

Want to know where you can get your set or nine? I know I have talked to my husband about getting more so that we can have a couple of friends to play as well. You can purchase your Knockerballs for $249.00 or 3 payments of $83.00. They also have a couple of other payment options available if you want to buy more than one. I can’t wait to show you more scenes from my KnockerBall experience soon! So make sure to stay tuned. The weather is finally getting nice outside and it is time to PLAY!!!!


UpDate!!! Today I actually played with the larger ball, that I could fit my knees into!! Had a blast. Here is a short video a bit more about the design.


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