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Kick Ranch Dressing Out The Door! Try Sepo Sauce & Giveaway

When I really and truly love something you can really tell. One way is that I am already purchasing the product again and that is true for Seponifiq Sepo Sauce! I have always been a fan of ranch, but nothing can compare to my love for Sepo Sauce. The moment I popped open the jar, it was love at first sight. It was like this stuff was made just for Betty with love. he he he. So I guess you might be wondering what exactly Sepo Sauce is? The story on the jar really tells the tale the best.

…when the girl awake among a field of romaine and pillows of fluffy sourdough, she was troubled to find that they were tasteless and dry. Armed with a whisk and bowl she set about to create a sauce that could stand up to the harshest of palettes and finicky bellies. Creation in hand, the bread n’ lettuce sauce eased the travelers woes and pleased the harshest of kings. The girl with sporific powers had once again achieved perfection and she held the gleaming bowl of goodness to the sky and declared, “This lusciousness shall be called SEPO.” Then she burped and went back to bed.


DSCN3711Sepo Sauce can be used on just about anything you can think of from shrimp to lettuce, chicken and bread, nothing is off-limits for this tastes delight. I am a huge fan of sourdough bread, in fact, I eat it for lunch just about every day. Sometimes just plan ol’ sourdough and other times I make a lettuce sandwich. I was super tickled to finally have a spread that compliments the bread instead of taking any of the bread flavor away. It really has elevated everything I have put it on. It has just the right amount of bite, with grated horseradish.


Here is a short list of everything I have tried this on and highly recommend using this product for!

  • Shrimp
  • Veggies
  • bread
  • salad
  • French Fries
  • Onion Rings

I can’t recommend this product enough! I want to sing its praise from the mountain side, for all to hear. Not only is the best sauce, I have tried in a long time but, it is Gluten-free!! You can purchase the Seponifiq Sepo Sauce online for $4.00 for one jar. Wowza! Not only delicious but, affordable. You can also purchase by the case (something I think I need to do) and also purchase six jars. Please check out this sauce, I would bet you and your family will be kicking ranch to the curb as well.

As I head off to my half empty jar of Sepo, I would like to offer you all a chance to win this great sauce! You are going to be amazing at how much it can elevate even the simplest foods. good luck 🙂

Sepo Sauce Giveaway


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