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Keep Up With The Jones With The Husqvarna Riding High with Z200 Series



Winter is OUTTA here and it is time to start thinking about your lawn. Having a happy, healthy lawn is so important, but sometimes can really be a chore. Husqvarna just introduced their new line called the Z200 Series residential, zero-turn riding mowers. The world’s largest producer of outdoor power equipment is making mowing easier than ever with improved ergonomics and functionality, combined with SmartSwitch™ technology, an innovative operator interface offering one-touch starting, real-time feedback and keyless security – without compromising safety.


I am sure that most of you have heard of the brand, Husqvarna, but did you know that they were established 1689? This Swedish based company actually started out producing what were probably the finest muskets of the day. Today they provide wonderful equipment for contractors and homeowners alike. 

The Husqvarna logotype

The symbol being the Husqvarna logo refers to our gunsmithing history. To the right you see the oldest form as the hallmark of a passed musket, symbolizing the sight over the barrel. You see also the modern version indicating that Husqvarna is still keeping the future in sight.

I always get side tracked with history, you want to know about the new Z200 series! The Z200 models – Z242F, Z248F, Z246, Z246i, Z254 mowerand Z254i – add depth to Husqvarna’s already-extensive line of lawn & garden equipment, thanks to improved ergonomics, functionality, refinement, deck options and other features that improve and simplify the mowing experience. One of the new features in this line is the SmartSwitch™. This new feature  offers one-touch starting, real-time feedback and keyless security. This has to be the one thing that I am most excited about when it comes to this model. I know we have all been there, or at least I have, trying to start a mower that just does not want to cooperate. Using the one-touch starting is a great way to get on the move and get your lawn mowed with ease. 

There are many benefits to the new Z200 Series mower. Here is a great list that I was provided with that really explains all the features and the benefits each have to offer. 

Z200 Features 

Z200 Benefits
Open-Design Chassis Removable foot plate reduces debris build-up and improves service access
SmartSwitch™ Technology (select models) Innovative operator interface that offers one-touch starting, real-time feedback and keyless security
New Fabricated Deck 2-blade, 10-guage option;Offering the cut quality and performance of a stamped deck, with the durability and structure of a fabricated deck
Variety of Deck Sizes 46” and 54” – reinforced stamped 42” and 48” – fabricated deck 
Aesthetically-Pleasing Design Refined consoles, control panel, rear bumper, engine guard, side panels
Spring-Assisted Deck Lift Located in the left console for easier accessibility
Automatic Mechanical Brake System (patent pending) Applies both wheel brakes with a single level movement
Powerful LED Headlight Optimally placed for use in dark conditionsIncluded on select models; optional on others

I am actually excited about this mower and have told my husband we have to get one! I love all the great features and most of all the SmartSwitch™. What a wonderful addition to this line. Mowing the lawn should not be a chore this summer and instead of fighting with that old mower, check out the Z200 series –  residential, zero-turn riding mowers. The Z200 zero-turn mowers are available at manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) ranges, from $2,699 to $3,499.

DIY Tricks & Tips From The Experts:

Looking to get that perfect lawn this year? Husqvarna can help! With these simple tricks you can do to make your yard lush and beautiful. I live on three acres of mostly woods and for the past three weeks I have been cleaning up the yard from the winter. I have implemented these


three tips from Husquarna, to get a jump start on the grass and beautify the property. 

  • Clean and compost. Grab a rake and get started clearing debris and dead leaves. Once the lawn is clean, apply a thin layer – about a quarter-inch thick – of compost to give your lawn a boost and start it in the right direction.
  • Reseed the bare patches. If you happen upon a patch of barren ground, loosen the top 2-4 inches. Level the soil with your garden rake and cover the area with a mixture of grass seed and fertilizer. You could also replace the fertilizer with compost. Pat the surface with the flat end of the rake when finished to ensure the seed remains in place. Water as necessary.
  • Aerate your lawn. Aerating allows oxygen, water and other nutrients to reach your grass’s roots, and it’s one of the best things you can do to support your lawn. Travel across your yard with a manual or gas-powered aerator, punching holes in the ground. Make sure to pass over each area only once. After you’ve finished aerating, spread compost, fertilizer or peat moss over your yard. The fertilizer will be absorbed quickly through the holes created by the aeration.



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