Japan Crate August 2015


From the presentation to the packaging, Japan Crate had my attention as soon as I opened the box. Japan Crate actually started when Hank (CEO & Founder) was craving some good old sweets from Japan.team-photo If you have ever ordered from Japan you know it can take some time to arrive, and the shipping is anything but cheap. Japan Crate was born when after three weeks for waiting for the delicious treat to come in the mail, he opened the package to find melted chocolate and broken hard candies because it was in transit for so long. 

Japan Crate is a relatively new company, but just from seeing their box and what they offer. I totally believe in them and will continue to support them in their endeavors. 

Japan CrateAugust 2015

This is my first Japan Crate, and it was everything that I had hoped it would be. Included in your box and to get you started on your journey through total Kawaii and dreamy candies is a small and colorful book. Inside it will tell you everything you need to know about what is inside the box. If you get their premium or the original+mini box, which I highly suggest, it includes a DIY kit!! This are super fun to do, and all the directions are included in English in the booklet. 

Japan Crate

Also included Premium Crate is a drink. This month I received the Creamy Melon Soda. Yup, you heard me right creamy melon!! It was actually really good!! Because this is such an amazing box, I just had to make a video to show you everything that was included!! Be prepared to be blown away!!

What a great box right?? I just adore everything that was included this month and can’t wait to see what is in store for next month. I wish candy companies in the United States would use fun packaging like the ones here!

The DIY kit was so much fun to do here are some pictures of how they turned out. I just adore DIY kits and if anything this is the feature that had me sold on the Japan Crate.

Chocoroom DIY Japan Crate August 2015

I would totally suggest checking out the Japan Crate. Worth every penny. Also one lucky subscriber every month receives the Sugoi Crate, which is packed full of goodies such as giant candies, Japanese gadgets, toys and gaming systems. How cool would that be? I would suggest getting the premium crate because of the extra goodies included. For $30.00 you too could be rocking out with this fabulous subscription box.

Post Round Up:

*$30.00 For a Premium box from Japan Crate

*Included in the box was: Chocolate Pucca, Crackling Cotton, Soy Sauce Pretz, Mario Kart Gum, DIY Chocoroom, Puzzle & Dragons x Bikkuriman Wafter, Crayon Shin-Chan Candy, Pokemon Puzzle Gum, Shuwa Shuwa Soda Candy, Creamy Melon Soda, Japanese BBQ Scones, Wow, Such Banana? and Soda mixing Jelly Beans.

As promised in the video above here is a Shin-Chan Video!!


In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.

  1. Michelle Hwee 2 years ago

    This looks pretty fantastic! 🙂 Definitely great if you’re into trying food and cool stuff from around the world! I have an Asian store that sells similar stuff but it would be great if you don’t have this in your area!

    • Betty Bite 2 years ago

      I am totally in love with this box. I live in BFE, so we don’t have any place for me to get such goodies. You are so lucky!! I have enjoyed the heck out of this stuff.

  2. Sam Sly 2 years ago

    That looks so fun and delicious! It is probably a good thing I don’t get that box because I am not sure I could resist it!

  3. Nij 2 years ago

    Wow, this looks really cool! I really enjoy these type of snacks, and will check this out.

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