It’s A Snap With SnapPower


During the fall months, I enjoy upgrading little things in my home. Heck, all year round I enjoy doing small projects, but sometimes you just want to add a bit something different. One thing that I seem to always be changing out is my light receptacles. Either they may not fit with my decor or just need changing. 

The easiest thing to change is the plates that go on the receptacles and I would like to introduce you to a great new way to dazzle your home with SnapPower. SnapPower offers a Guidelight as well as a USB charger that can turn any receptacle into a handy accessory for your home. 

I had the chance to check out both the Guidelight and the USB Charger plates and when I say it is a “snap” it literally is a snap! The install process took seconds. 

Installing SnapPower Cover Plates

  • Decide which plates you are going to replace. These plates are only compatible with standard selling4duplex or decor outlets with side screw terminals. 
  • Next, you will want to find the circuit breaker and make sure that breaker is off. Make sure to test the outlet before getting to work to make sure the power is off.
  • Remove the existing cover plates from the outlet.
  • On the back of your new SnapPower plate, you will find prongs. You need to make sure that the screw terminals are clear so that the prongs can pass into the box and around the outlet. 
  • Place your new cover plate over the outlet and be sure that the prongs slide inside the electrical box. 
  • Turn power back on.

Ok. So I really wrote out the directions to seem like it is a lengthy process but it is super simple. I did this by myself using a night light, so I knew when the power was out. Both the Guidelight and the USB Charger installed with ease. 

I love having another USB port besides what I have in the office. When it comes to the Guidelight, I need more of these!! My father in law, most of you know has dementia. He fumbles around at night, and this light has really helped. 

One thing that I was really impressed about is how much light these shine. It is just enough to be able to see at night. 


SnapPower Guidelights
The best part about using the SnapPower Guidelight is that it is an LED light. Which would cost about ten cents per year and lasts 25 years.


Another huge bonus about SnapPower is that they offer all sorts of colors to match your already existing sockets. Including white, black, Ivory, and Light Almond for the Guidelights. The Charger plates come in white, light Almond and ivory. When I received the set to review they just sent the white, so mine do not match but I do plan on buying some that do. 


One other thing that you need to take into consideration is that if you use over sized plates you will need to touch up your paint. I still need to do this but wanted to get this posting done. 



Not only is this great for your home but this would make a great housewarming gift or even a holiday gift for anyone that loves to decorate. You can find out more online at If you use these, I would love to hear your experience in the comments 🙂 


In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.

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