No matter the stage of life almost everyone takes a pill or two. It might just be the needed multi-vitamins or maybe a couple of prescriptions. Personally I take a combination of both, and it is so hard for me to remember which pills I have taken and which I still need to take. If you run into a pharmacy or local store, sure you can find different pill boxes to choose from, but they are just like what our parents used, just plain plastic white or blue cases. Inspired By Dawn has come up with a brilliant solution to make your new pill case pop, with the introduction of Style Rx. 

Style Rx

Inspired by Dawn is an online business created by  Dawn Kasper Gibel. Coming from a long background in marketing, she started her journey to give new life to standard products such as, pill cases. In fact, this is the first product Dawn has launched the Style Rx.

So often, practical products can be dull and boring. Dawn believes, as you probably do, too, that there is nothing dull or boring about being a woman! As she began to think about things that could make the practical aspects of life more beautiful, a sea of useful and stylish products and ideas began to flood her mind – from new takes on baby products, women’s shoes, to interior and exterior decorating solutions. That’s when she knew she needed an outlet for these ideas.

The first thing that I noticed when I opened the package with the Style Rx was how beautifully it was wrapped. A good brand always has my attention with beautiful packaging. Tucked inside the stunning pink tissue paper was the Style Rx. One of the features that impressed me the most was the size. The size makes it perfect to slip into your purse, or even leave it on your desk. 

style RX sleek design

The Style Rx itself is beautiful and vibrant. The colors just really call out to you. Not only were the colors beautiful, but I was able to fit all of my daily pills inside the pill box. I often have a hard time doing so, so I was very happy to see that it has enough room. If you don’t take any pills, firstly, good for you! Secondly, you still can use this case. It is perfect to keep little things like earrings and rings. 

Style Rx Pill Box

Inspired by Dawn is certainly a company to be on the look out for. I love how Dawn is taking a typical product such as a pill box and making them not only beautiful but fashionable. I would recommend checking the Style Rx out. The Style Rx would be perfect for traveling, school and even work. Definitely will add a bit of color to your life! 


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