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How The FoodSaver Fresh Food Preservation System Can Help You

Can you believe it is time to start the holiday gift guide postings already? Wowza! This year has flown by and I am excited to get this bad boy started. Today I wanted to start with something that is not only handy but super functional for any home. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, Americans throw away approximately $165 billion worth of food each year, and for the average American family, that can be up to $2,200 per household. That is crazy! Why not help your family and friends this year by purchasing an item that could, in the long run, save them money?

I have always loved to give practical gifts, something that people will actually use or be able to help them through the year. One of my picks this year is the FoodSaver Fresh Food Preservation System. My husband and I have always used a FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer, in fact, we have owned the same one for over 4 years and that baby still works perfectly.

I was interested in checking out the Fresh Food Preservation System because I thought it simply looked wonderful for anyone that would like to preserve foods but just don’t have the time to go through the process of canning or someone that is trying to just save a bit of money.


FoodSaver Fresh Food Preservation System

How The FoodSaver Fresh Food Preservation System Works

So before I get into details about how this system works I wanted to mention one key thing about this particular product. I have said it many times on my blog but I feel when buying small appliances this is the first thing that I want to know and that is the size! I have a very small kitchen which means I have to pay attention to every space that I use and make sure that I use it sensibly.

This is the main reason that I love the FoodSaver products and have used my own for years. They take in mind that many people don’t have much space to store huge items. The FoodSaver Fresh Food Preservation System is super small! It is smaller than the vacuum sealer that I have used for years which I love.

This preservation system is meant to use with items that would normally go bad in the pantry or fridge. Using the FoodSaver Fresh Food Preservation System gives you extended life when it comes to items in your fridge or pantry. Below I have made a little graphic to show you just how long according to FoodSaver the FoodSaver Fresh Food Preservation System can help you save food in your pantry.


There are similar statistics when it comes to saving food items in your fridge as well. To give you an example one of the reasons that I really love this product is because it really helps extend the life of cheese. Usually, cheese will last about 1-2 weeks but when using the Food Preservation System you can extend this to about 4-8 months. This helps me out tremendously. As we all know air is the ultimate enemy when it comes to saving food for longer periods of time.

Being able to store cheese this long gives me the freedom to purchase bigger quantities at stores like Sam’s Club and know that I will not just be throwing it out in a couple of weeks.

To use this system all you have to do is decide on if you will use the bags or the containers. Inside the box there is a guide that will help you choose what is best. Both the bags and the containers fit nicely under the unit and all you have to do is simply adjust the heighth of the machine to where you need it then press start.

This entire system is super easy to use and you can use bags or containers. Being able to use these little containers really actually not only helps me use my food longer but in the long run save money. I used to just use the vacuum seal bags with my previous FoodSaver and once you open them they are done. You have to use another bag. When using the containers you can use what you want and simply seal it again, as well as the bags!

I would highly recommend if you are looking for a way to save yourself money and reduce the waste the FoodSaver Fresh Food Preservation System is perfect. It would also make the perfect holiday gift for anyone that enjoys cooking. I know this Christmas I want more food saver containers 🙂 This baby just comes in handy. You can purchase this system online from the FoodSaver site or many other retailers.


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