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Heat Up The Holiday Season With The Naughty & Nice Box *Adult Gift*

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in giving our children and family gifts we forget about ourselves. Yes. The holiday season is about giving but why not treat yourself to something your and your boyfriend or husband can enjoy? This year check out the  Naughty & Nice Box, curated by the expert team at Ella Paradis offers 12 days of surprise, best-selling toys, lingerie and high-quality accessories as well as a guidebook for couples.

This is totally unique, and I must say not only did I get a little chuckle at this box but it would be super fun to explore with your loved one. Each little box contains unique items with a little day that it is to be opened. One thing that really had me as soon as I opened the box was how beautiful it was. Everything is so colorful and fun!


I don’t want to spoil all the goodies, but I did open up a couple of the boxes just to see what the quality was like. The first box that I opened had a super sexy and cute piece of intimate fashion (undies). I will admit that I am not the most adventurous when it comes to this type of stuff but even I enjoyed seeing what is inside. Below you will find some of the items.

Neat, uh? I think this would be a great gift for you and your hubby to enjoy or boyfriend. Explore new things and how fun it is to open up all these little boxes each day. This box is $149.99, and the value that you get is amazing! Just the one item is worth $95.00, so this box is a no-brainer to pick up. I do hope that you check out this box and all that Ella Paradis has to offer when it comes to amazing adventurous items.


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