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Happy Feet With Airplus

We all have shoes that make our feet hurt or heels that just don’t fit right. Either you stop wearing them to ease the foot pain or you can suffer through it. Airplus helps you not only wear those favorite shoes, but be in comfort while you do. Airplus offers a wide line of insoles and other “love your feet” products.

DSCN4224I am lucky when it comes to shoes because I have never had a big problem with any of them hurting my feet or not having enough support. One thing I do have a big problem with are my heels. Not so much the comfort, but slipping on my feet. If you where heels you know when it comes to slippage, it is a NO GO. Airplus offers a product called, Hug My Heels, it is a simple piece of gel liners that go on the back of the heel to prevent slipping. Not only does it eliminate slipping, but it also can improve the shoes fit. I was afraid when I attached these to the heels they would be prominent and be seen, but they really can’t be seen unless you’re looking for them. They worked like a charm and now my red heels fit like they are supposed to.


Another great product for you heel lovers like me is the Ball-of-foot gel forefoot cushion. These little babies are amazing. I love to walk in heels, but if you like to go out and dance in heels, you know it can become painful after a while. These gel cushions fit right at the base of the heel providing much-needed support. They are clear so no fear using them with open toed shoes as well.

Other products that Airplus offers are a variety of insoles. Two of which I received. One was the Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic, which helps give superior support for the plantar fascia. The design of this insole is really nice. It slims to a 3/4 length design so that it is not crowding the toes. Another insole that I have actually put into use is the Memory Plus insole. These are a dream.  The responsive memory foam for targeted instant comfort, pressure relief for heels and full foot support. The insole molds to your foot, evenly distributing pressure over the surface of the foam, cushioning with every step. I was very surprised to the flexibility of this insole and how it really could be used for just about any shoe or boot.


The last product from Airplus that I received and I am actually enjoying right now with a cup of coffee are the Aloe Infused socks. They are super soft and soothe your feet with aloe and vitamin E. Every time I put these on my feet just wiggle and relax..Happy Feet accomplished!

All of the products from Airplus have been a pleasure to use and try out. I highly recommend the two must have products for your heels, the Ball of Foot and the Hug My Heel. These two items have totally transformed my shoes. Those red heels are no longer a chore to wear because of slipping and I can dance the night away. These products can be purchased at many retail locations such as CVS and Target. You can also head here, to find a full list of retailers in your area.


In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.