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Howdy, everyone! As you can tell the holiday gift guide is in full swing. Wowza! This year I am trying to think beyond what we usually would gift and give you more options that are sensible and H2O at Home is perfect. H2O at Home was founded in Europe on the simple premise that all you need to clean naturally, efficiently and safely is a high-quality microfiber cloth, water, and in some instances, a natural cleanser. The company believes in making life easier with products that uphold strong, environmentally friendly and non-toxic values. H2O at Home adheres to and goes beyond the strictest French eco-certification standards for Home and Personal Care products.

H2O At Home

The brand came to the U.S. in 2009 to deliver the same high-quality products and sustainable culture that leads to better health and lifestyle, starting at home. H2O at Home’s mission is to make life easier with hundreds of high-quality, all-natural home and personal care products that are effective, easy to use and are environmentally friendly.

I actually had a chance to check out a couple of these products, and I must say they are amazing. I am going to admit when it comes to cleaning products and environmentally friendly products I usually don’t use many, but these are a must see! Below I have listed four amazing products for you to consider this holiday season and I think these will give you a good understanding of what H2O at Home has to offer but of course head on over to their site for even more options.

Four Amazing Products for H2O At Home

One thing that I can never have enough of are cleaning clothes. It seems that I go through these like water not to mention that I miss place them all the time. The Cleansing Set is perfect to give because it really has everything one could need when it comes to clothes. They are all very well made. These reusable soft microfiber cloths clean your skin and remove makeup with only water. The set includes:

−     Cleansing & Exfoliating Cloth: Ideal for combination or oily skin.

−     Cleansing Cloth: Ideal for normal, mature or sensitive skin.

−     Netepur: Natural and versatile stain remover soap for textiles.

Everything comes in a super cute pouch so that you can take everything with you when you travel. This is perfect for anyone that loves just to get away but wants to be able to do everything they need.

The second item that is a must-see is the Cleaning Clay Kit.  This bad boy is super cool! My husband and I love to cook which means that we use the heck out of our pots and pans not to mention our kitchen in general. I could not wait to try out this kit, and I was impressed. Because our pots and pans are just too far gone, it did not do much to them but did make them shine. When it came to my sink, boy oh boy, that baby is shining bright.

This set is easy to use which makes it that much better! Simply dampen the sponge and gently scrub away the yuck on many different types of objects such as Stainless steel, ceramic, pots, and pans, Granite, sinks, ovens, mildew, shower doors, Silverware, jewelry, and glass. That is a long list of goodies.

Another product that is a must is the Pet Soap, and I am actually going to do a posting for this product by itself so look out for that. I am a huge fan of bar soap when it comes to bathing your pet. One because it lasts so much longer than just a bottle and two I think the bars are actually made better than the average bottle soap.

The Pet Soap is an easy-to-use, 3-in-1 soap that will gently clean, moisturize and help repel fleas and ticks. Its mild cleaning base will match the pH of your pet’s skin and moisturize and condition for a shiny, healthy coat. Economical and easy to apply, this solid bar will last as long as two bottles of liquid pet shampoo. It will last for more than a dozen washes for a medium-sized dog. It is unscented, preservative-free and contains 1% organic neem oil to naturally fight against ticks and fleas without irritating sensitive pets.

The last product is something for the guys out there, and that is the H2O at Home Belle Gueule Men’s Facial and I have to admit that my husband does not use many facial products at all so for him to try this took a lot of convincing. This cream is a 100% natural 3-in-1 aftershave, moisturizer and anti-aging cream for complete after-shave care. The cream reinforces the skin’s natural defenses, alleviate discomfort and prevents the appearance of redness and imperfections.

Finally, after I told my husband that I was not going to make him breakfast for a week if he did not try this he actually did. His comments were grumbly, but he did like the fact that it did not have a super strong smell to it. Just a fresh, pleasing scent. It did make his face feel a lot smoother than usual which personally I liked 🙂

In all H2O at Home is certainly something to consider when searching for that perfect gift this holiday season. Make sure to head on over to their website to find out what else they have to offer and happy shopping 🙂


In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.

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