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Give A Gift Of Snacks From Japan From SKOSHBOX: Giveaway

Howdy everyone. I have been waiting to post this for about a week because of this cold and could not get myself motivated. Finally, I did the video even though I look a hot mess. So let’s get skoshboxdown to it shall we? A couple of months ago I received my first SKOSHBOX, which I fell in love with from the moment I peeled open the package. SKOSHBOX, if you are unfamiliar is a monthly subscription box that sends you a mix of candies, cookies, rice crackers and green tea chocolates for you and your family to enjoy. With plans starting at just $10/month, this is a really affordable box if you enjoy trying treats from Japan. 

SKOSHBOX offer two size boxes the original and the newest edition is the DekaBox. The DekaBox is for the more adventurous members and is twice the size of the original SKOSHBOX. It is filled with roughly about one pound of full sized-snacks with an option of a mystery accessory item.

This month I received both the original and the DekaBox and for me, now seeing both the boxes. I know why most would lean more to the larger DekaBox, it is awesome!! Don’t get me wrong the original is perfect for people just wanting to check the box out but the biggest bang for your buck is going to come with the DekaBox. Below you will find images and a unboxing video showing each item in the boxes. Also is a list of everything included in the box.

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The Orginal Skosh Box Included (November 2015): Almond Cream Filled Choco Biscuits, Extra Crunchy Baked Rice Crackers, Chocolate Filled Marshmallows, Strawberry Milk Candy, Sesame Mochi Cake Chocolates and the Milk Flavored Biscuit Cookies. 

The DEKAbox Included (November 2015): Almond Cream choco biscuits, One bag of Creamy Green Tea Marshmallows (Hello Kitty), Kinako Flavored Cookies, Chocolate Coffee Beans, Classic Strawberry Chocolates, Look Green Tea Choco, Ponsuke Nori Senbei, Mini Memo Clips, and they mystery items was the Nigiri Sushi Eraser. 

I believe that both of the boxes had an incredible value, and it was so much fun trying the new snacks. I would have to say that my favorite box is the DEKAbox. I just feel for me with the larger sized items and the mystery item ($2.00 more if you receive the DEKAbox) is just a blast to open! I loved how they included the Dotour Coffee Beans! These are so stinking good!

How cool are these boxes? I just love to receive different items for me to try and enjoy with the family. Below you will find a giveaway where two of my readers will win a surprise from Skoshbox!! I would totally recommend this box to anyone that loves to try different things. 

skoshbox holiday giveaway


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