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Gillette Shave Club For Father’s Day

Almost all of my Father’s Day postings start off with, “It is so hard to find a gift for Father’s Day”, because for some reason many people struggle with finding that perfect gift for dad. On May 20th, Gillette announced their new Shave Club which, for me is a great contender for that perfect Father’s Day gift. What is one thing most dads do? Shave of course!

The plan is flexible, offering many options in terms of cartridge, handle, and frequency of delivery. Dads deserve the highest-quality shave and through the Gillette Shave Club, Gillette delivers a great shave that – surprise! Receiving the Gillette Shave Club subscription can actuallyGillette Shave Plan save guys up to 50% when compared to other shave clubs. Here’s the thing:

  • Premium blades from Gillette Shave Club can save guys up to 50% when compared to other shave clubs, because one of our top-of-the-line Fusion ProGlide blades can deliver up to a month’s worth of shaves against the alternatives.
  • The Gillette Fusion ProGlide was rated closer, smoother, more comfortable and better in over 15 other categories than razors from that other club.*
  • Gillette Shave Club offers the convenience of product at your doorstep paired with advantages only Gillette can deliver – taking our existing Subscription program to the next level, including deals & coupons, exclusive access to our programs including MLB, NFL or entertainment partnerships and more.

Want to make it an even better gift, try pairing the Shave Club with the Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide. My husband absolutely loves his Fusion Pro-Glide. He does have a beard, but still shaves around his face. Using this product makes it simple to navigate around the beard and the ball helps to move over contours and gets virtually every hair. Not only is the design of the Fusion Pro-Glide perfect, but it also offers the closest shave, that my husband has experienced.

Gillette Fusion

I just love the idea of pairing the Fusion Pro-Glide with the new Gillette Shave Club, not only are you getting a wonderful deal on these products, but you are also helping dad out by subscribing him into the program. I actually will be signing my husband up, because he is always running out of blades. This is the perfect way to make sure that your dad or husband will have blades when they need them. If your father does not already have a Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide, that is ok! You can add it to his shipment as well as the Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide Sensitive Ocean Breeze Shave Gel. This is the perfect trio and I am sure that dad will love. The cost of the shipment with everything is $26.49 for four months. If dad already has a handle, you can just purchase the refills starting at $3.50 and up. The Gillette Shave Plan offers blades for the Mach 3, Fusion and Fusion Pro Glide. With any of those razors you have the option to get the handle and shave gel as well.

In all, I feel this is a wonderful gift and something that can really be used throughout the year. The cost is something that is affordable and saves you the hassle of running to the store to buy blades when your father or husband forgets to pick them up..he he he.




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