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Francois et Mimi Stacking Coffee Mugs Set with Rack

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Bring color into your kitchen with the, Francois et Mimi Stacking Coffee Mugs Set with Rack, Multi-Colored, 12oz Cups. One thing I love in life is a colorful kitchen. I have a red refrigerator to prove it. I love adding color everywhere, it just makes for a happy home. Vibrant colors and chrome in the kitchen makes for a fun family atmosphere. I would like to share with you all a wonderful coffee mug set that I received to review. Tonight I finally had a chance to really look it over and well, I love it! Not only are the pastel colors sharp, but the chrome rack just gives it that much more character.


If you don’t have a large kitchen or much counter space, these are perfect. I have very little space when it comes to my counter tops, so I have to be careful not too crowd to much in. These fit perfectly beside my coffee maker. Tonight as I finally sit down with my piece of Red Velvet cake, I am going to use these cups to drink my “naughty” coffee.


 Product Information

  • Space-Saving Design
  • Colorful and Bright
  • Lead-Free
  • Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
  • Made of Stoneware Ceramic

Another point about these mugs is that they would be perfect to use for soup. They have a very nice handle and a large mouth, making them perfect for lunchtime. These really have so many uses and I could go on and on about them. The price of the Francois et Mimi Stacking Coffee Mugs Set with Rack, Multi-Colored, 12oz Cups, is $19.95 and it is a prime item. I could not find any flaws in the mugs themselves or the rack. I highly recommend if you’re looking to spice up your kitchen to check out this set.
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