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Five Must Have Dorm Room Snacks & Drinks

Hello, everyone! Keeping with the theme this week and helping those heading back to college in the fall I wanted to share five must have dorm room snacks and drinks. Each of these is some that are new to me and some that I have snacked on for years. Each product has been tested, and I found that these are my top five after trying several and when I say several I mean a TON!! So without further ado let’s get the snacking started.

Dorm Room Snacks

High Brew Coffee

The first pick is something that I can go without and that is coffee. I have tried for years to kick my habit with no luck. In fact, I am on my third glass this morning. UGH. Anywho, I wanted to introduce you to High Brew Coffee. The ready to drink cold brew in a can is absolutely perfect to stock in your dorm room fridge and take on the go to classes or when you’re up late studying in the library. High Brew has 2x the amount of caffeine to keep college students awake and less acidity than a hot cup of joe. High Brew’s newest flavor, Creamy Cappuccino + Protein would also be a great fit for this. With 12 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber in each portable can, CC+P gives you the energy you need to navigate a busy college schedule.

My favorite flavor of High Brew Coffee is their Creamy Cappuccino, YUMMY!! You can shop their entire line of beverages online which makes it super easy to just shop and have it delivered.




My second pick is Parmcrisps and if you have never tried these shame on you. I adore them and ever since I saw them at Walmart one day I have been hooked. These are the perfect little snack, but they are amazing on a salad. This little protein packed snacks that are wheat free, gluten free, trans fat-free, sugar-free, rich in calcium and naturally low in calories and carbs. They have many amazing flavors including the Original, Basil Pesto, Everything, Italian Herb, Rosemary, and more.

Since fall in just around the corner and salads will be eaten less and less, in my household anyways. Try using the the Basil Pesto Parmcrisps in a bowl of Tomato Soup. These add the perfect little crunch to any bowl of soup. My favorite would have to be the Original and the Sesame. These can be purchased in stores, but you can find out more about these products online.



Mrs. Thinster’s CookieThins

Dorm Room SnacksRight here is a favorite of mine since I started blogging. The first time that I had these CookieThins was actually at a blogging convention in Florida. I fell in love straight away. Not only do they come in the perfect packages for rushing to class but they have the right amount of sweet vs. crunch. Simply they are thin little cookies that you will get hooked on from the first bite. They are NON-GMO, rBGH-Free and contain no corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. The current line up includes Lemon Meyer, Brownie Batter, Chocolate Chip, Cake Batter, Toasted Coconut, and many more.

My favorite when it comes to Thinster’s is the Brownie Batter and the Chocolate Chip. You can purchase these at retailers such as Walmart and find all the retailers on their site.



Freedom Foods

There is never enough time in the day when you are a student to eat properly. Snacking and rushing around are the name of the game and recently I had the chance to try something a bit different. It is from Freedom Foods the Barley+ Almond and Cranberry Bar. I must say that I was not sure how much I would enjoy these, but I did. I ate on for a snack just a second ago, and they have amazing flavor. What I really like is that it promotes positive digestive with prebiotic dietary fiber.

One can never have enough fiber, trust me. Freedom Foods offers a large selection of dairy, gluten, nut free and high in fiber products. You can see all of their products on their site, but I must say one thing caught my eye that I have to try, the Barry Smoothie Crunch Bar, say what?!?




Another great option to stock up on for the dorm is Justin’s Snack Packs and Squeeze Packs. These are perfect to just grab and go when rushing to class. I fell in love with Justin’s long ago but never really tried out their snack packs till recently. I adore the Honey Almond Butter and Pretzel.

The story of Justin’s  began when Justin Gold, a lover of the active lifestyle, moved to Boulder, Colorado in his 20’s. In order to fuel his long bike rides, Justin embarked on a mission to create new varieties of nut butter that not only packed the protein but also tasted great. He began crafting the very first batches of his now-famous, culinary nut butters in his home kitchen. I would just like to thank Justin for making these amazing products. You can find these in many stores as well as online.


Each of these products is perfect for the dorm room this season and add a bit of “snaking goodness” to each day. I have tried all of these products and found that these were my favorites because of convenience and flavor. Happy Snacking my friends.


In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.