Fit For A Belle Hits The Pre-Oscars Awards Gifting Lounge


With the Oscars Awards coming up on February 28th, I thought what a better time than to get you all pumped by showing you some of the wonderful items that will be gifted to some of our favorite celebrities. I have always enjoyed watching the Oscars and this year is going to really be amazing. There are so many great films, actors, and actresses up for nomination, I can’t wait to see the winner!!Fit For A Belle

As we all know there really are no losers when it comes to the Oscars. There are gifting lounges, and of course, the brilliant swag bag that all nominees take home (estimated worth of $200,000 give or take). Recently, a company that I blogged about in the past was one of the ones to take part in the Pre-Oscars Awards Gifting Lounge in Hollywood.

Fit For A Belle the leading fitness/workout apparel company that helps women feel comfortable, confident and empowered no matter what their body type, is excited to announce the launch of their new 2016 collection! 


The new 2016 collection that has been attracting fitness and celebrity fans alike, and will be a featured gift item at the upcoming Academy Awards in Hollywood includes tracksuits, terry shorts, barbell doll lace zip ups, spandex leggings and sleeveless hoodies.

I just love the look of the new line, especially the sleeveless hoodie. I received the Leopard Logo Sleeveless Hoodie, and it does not get much better than this. Loving the cute barbels on the front with the Fit For A Belle Logo on the back. I have been very sick for the past couple of days and even though I have not been able to workout or walk like I usually do, it has not kept me from wearing this hoodie! When my fever spiked, I ran for this hoodie. 

Fit For A Belle

One reason that I really love this hoodie is the back. When working out, I just hate to be restricted and find that many of the workout tops do just that.  The Leopard Logo Sleeveless Hoodie and the rest of the Fit For A Belle sleeveless hoodies have this same design with the open back making them perfect for whatever kind of workout you might do. Sorry about the crappy pictures inside. I don’t think this weather is ever going to break! Ha ha ha..

Fit For A Belle

The first time I checked out Fit For A Belle was one of their tank tops, and you have to see this posting.  The Perfect Workout Tank is really an understatement. This is still my go to tank when I am looking for comfort because it lets me move so freely. The Leopard Logo Sleeveless hoodie is the same. It just moves with your body. 

Besides the comfort Fit For A Belle Offers their prices are very reasonable. The Leopard Logo Sleeveless hoodie is $30.00 which is a great price. Their clothing does last which I love! The tank top that I received back in September of 2015 is still vibrant, and the wording on the tank is just like it was the first day I received it. 



In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.

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