Dyson Hot & Cool Fan Heater: Living in Comfort and Style


With the back to school season coming up, that also means that everyone will be heading off to college. Some maybe their first-year others heading to complete their studies. One thing that most college students will find is that living in comfort in a small dorm room is a bigger chore than they think. I know when I was first looking at colleges I took one look at the dorms and thought “how in the world is everything going to fit?”, let alone having a room mate. Some students might be heading off to an apartment, either way one needs to find products that work and will be beneficial to them. 

One of those products that I recommend is the Dyson AM09 Hot & Cool Fan Heater. This fan is everything that you would expect from Dyson and so much more. Dyson is a brand that most of us have heard of and their innovations in the world of vacuums and fans have literally taken the world by storm. Before the AM09 their was the AM05 model, and there have been some upgrades to this fan, which are worth checking out. 


The one thing that I love about this fan is how quiet it is. When you live in a small dorm or home, it really can be annoying having a fan that is so loud. My husband and I love to relax and watch TV in the evenings and our other fan would almost over power the tv. With the AM09, you can hear it, but it is so much more quiet than any fan I have ever owned. 

When first receive the Dyson AM09, it is really ready to go out of the box. Included in the box are a remote, base of the fan and the fan itself. To get set up all you simply do is snap the base of the fan in place. When the AM09 is first turned on it will default to a temperature 5 degrees higher than the room temperature. After this setup mode, the machine will automatically remember the last targeted temperature set you have used. 

Everything about this fan is quality and very nicely made. There is an on and off switch on the machine itself, that can also control the temperature, but when it comes to using the diffused mode (used for whole room heating and cooling) to a personal mode, you have to use the remote. You also have to use the remote to change the oscillation. That is the only thing that I am not a fan of. I love that you have the option to use a remote, but feel that all the controls should be on the machine itself. This is in no means a deal breaker for me, but I do tend to lose remotes. The remote docks magnetically to the machine which is a very nice feature.

Dyson AM09 Hot & Cool Fan

Dyson Hot & cold fan remote

Besides oscilating the fan also tilts with touch, which is a very nice feature and new to the AM09.  When you are sitting infront of this unit you really have complete control, giving you the most comfort.

Dyson AM09 Touch Tilt


Other notable features are:

* Fastest even room heating, powerful cooling with Jet Focus technology

* 75% quieter than previous version

* New sleep timer, oscillation features, touch tilt

* Signature bladeless design and Air Multiplier technology

The Dyson AM09 does heat up rather quickly and I can’t wait to use it this winter to help stay warm on those cold North Carolina mountain nights. Our family has used the cooling portion of this machine almost every day since we received the unit. This is not something that can eliminate the use of air conditioners, but it does in fact cool. 

I use the AM09 out in my office on those really hot days and as you can see from the video, it is rather queit and does not take up much room at all. Here is a short video about the AM09.

I would recommend the Dyson AM09 Heating and Cooling unit. I find that it does everything that it states it does and is one of those things that should be invested it. The price for this product is $449.99 and for me it is worth every penny. This is just the perfect unit for those heading off to college. Most of them time students are at their desks working and what better way to keep them comfortable than with the Dyson AM09. 


In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.

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  1. Cheste 2 years ago

    The Dyson is working very well for us. We use it in a medium living room and it works for heating and cooling as well. I must say it is a very good product.

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