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So as most of you know I might be a thirty-something blogger, but I love “cute things.” I love things that just scream huge me, and the Dream Frenz do just that! So what are Dream Frenz you might ask well to put it super simply they are cute pillow like pals for your kids (or the kid in an adult)? They have an oversized head with a little body that tucks inside making this the perfect pillow. 

Check out Dream Frenz this holiday season. Super cute and affordable.

Dream Frenz was founded by a Florida-mom Halie Fulton, who left practicing law to focus on the “Mommy Track.” The idea for Dream Frenz came from Halie’s daughters and their “tadpole drawings.” Not sure what a Tadpole drawing is? Don’t feel bad; I didn’t know either, but research shows that tadpole drawings represent the child’s body self-image and that these drawings, with typically big colorful heads, tiny bodies, and happy faces, are early attempts at realistic drawing. 

Dream Frenz

These Dream Frenz are not only a comfortable little pillow but make the perfect companion for a child (ages 3 and up). I love the vibrant colors and the super tiny body that tucks inside. I received Sol which is a beautiful Sun with super cool shades. 

Not only did I enjoy checking out Sol but even Ricky got in on the fun. I was trying to take some pictures outside, and he was all about Sol. It is not his little personal Drem Frenz. 

Dream Frenz

You can check out Dream Frenz online at their site as well as Walmart.com! The SRP is $24.00, and this would make a great gift this holiday season. There are currently 10 Dream Frenz available but more are currently in development including a sports line, hero line, and international line. Personally, I am super excited to check out the hero line. 

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