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Colman’s Mustard: Some Like It Hot

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As the temperatures rise, and my husband get cranky, it is time to feed him. I know that is some way to open a blog post, but it is true. Mr.Coleman's Mustard Bite gets so cranky in the summer when it is hot, and he is hungry. Today is one of those days. It is way to hot to cook him anything fancy, so I decided just to stuff his face with hot dogs. Hot dogs are an American staple in the summer. Every BBQ I go to, there they are, but a hot dog can get so boring when you use the same old traditional toppings like ketchup, yellow mustard, kraut or sweet relish.

One way to give your hot dog that kick it needs is to try out Colman’s Mustard. Colman’s Mustard is like none other I have tasted. Yes. We all have seen the spicy mustard on the shelves at the grocery store, but this is different. It offers a zingy and somewhat spicy flavor, enough to elevate any food, even hot dogs.

In 1814 was that Jeremiah Colman took over a mustard manufacturing business and mustard in England was never to be the same again. With the zesty blend of high-quality brown mustard seeds (Brassica Juncea) and white mustard seeds (Sinapis Alba) grown and harvested locally around Norwich, Colman’s transcended to be much more than a condiment, it was a bold and spicy staple that captured the hearts and taste buds of a country.

Coleman's MustardOne important fact about Colman’s Mustard is that it is the original and only fat-free, cholesterol-free and kosher mustard. Like myself my husband really does not like things that are super spicy, but the Colman’s Mustard really just adds the perfect amount of heat and zing. If you like to use mustard in other dishes Colman’s is really the best option in my book. If you take a look on their site, you will find many fantastic recipes including a beautiful crab cake, Colman’s BBQ sauce, and Hot Crab Dip. Any of these recipes would be perfect over the summer.

So if you want to dazzle guests with a zingy, spicy mustard Colman’s is an excellent choice. As you can see, there are many uses for this product other than the standard hot dogs and hamburgers, but if you just want to kick up a standard Colman’s is the route to go. You can purchase Colman’s Mustard on Amazon as well as World Finer Foods and My Brands. Amazon offers this exact product for $6.08 plus free shipping. They also offer Colman’s Mustard Powder.



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