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By 3 m read

A One Stop Shop For All Your Pet Needs BJ’s

Hello, everyone! So it has been awhile since I posting about dogs and amazing products to check out (really it was just last week, but it seems like a long time). My dogs and I are like three peas in a pod. They get everything and anything they would need, and I get all the love I can handle. …

By 2 m read

Summer Fun In The River With Dial-A-Distance


Woza! This afternoon was so much fun. The dogs and I headed to the river for a much needed little break from the heat. Ricky and I have always enjoyed going swimming, but this is the first real time that Ike the pup had spent more than 10 minutes in the water. He is still learning to swim and get frightened if I am far away but …

By 3 m read

What Is Ricky And Ike Snacking On This Month From Chewy Part One: Nutro Kitchen Classics

Howdy Folks! I hope this blog posting finds you well. Today I wanted to share with you a new product Ricky and Ike have been nibbling on from As most of you know, I was accepted to be one of their influencers, and I am honored for the chance. Most of all, I think Ricky and Ike have enjoyed the little goodies every month. So without further blabbing, let’s …

By 5 m read

Help Combat Pet Dehydration With PetSafe

Dehydration in the summer is something that we all should concentrate on. I know in the summer I make sure to drink a ton more water, but I just can’t think about myself. Being a pet owner (two beautiful dogs), I understand that it is also my responsibility to make sure that they are getting the proper amount of water as well. Today I would like to show you a …

By 3 m read

Paby The Ultimate Pet Wellness & GPS Tracker

Howdy, everyone! I am still on my vacation for the summer, but I just had to post about the new product coming out today called Paby. I actually had a chance to check this out before it hit the shelves. Since I adore anything that can keep our fur babies safe, this was something that I was interested in. Living in the mountains, I usually let Ricky go running on …

By 3 m read

5 Must Follow Dog-Friendly Instagram Accounts

Howdy, everyone! As most of you know, I enjoy sharing items and topics that concern dogs. Today I wanted to share five must follow Instagrams that focus just on dogs (and one that focuses on dogs and other amazing things). Believe it or not, I know many people that are not on Instagram so I wanted to explain in my own words why you should join. Instagram is unlike any …