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By 4 m read

Top 7 Tips to Make Your Home a Safer Place for Your Family

Make Your Home a Safer Place for Your Family

The primary goal for parents is to make sure their children are safe. That’s why we put them knee pads when they are riding bikes. That’s why we teach them to cross the street only when the traffic light is green for pedestrians. That’s why we do everything we do. Unfortunately, one of the places where they should be the safest is filled with hazards, some obvious, …

By 2 m read

I Shat On A Strawberry ShortCake Bike

This is not my normal topic of discussion, but I have been feeling downright sleepy these days. Between just life in general and being kept up literally all night with the puppy since I got it I have gone into what I call “crazy mode.” Last night as I was laying in bed I started to think back to my strawberry shortcake bike. Strawberry Shortcake still has to be my …

By 3 m read

Yuck! Nearly One-Third of Pet Parents Are Unaware Pet Toys Collect Dirt, Bacteria, Yeast and Mold

Spring cleaning is about to go into full gear. One thing that you may not think about is your pets toys and accessories. Petco wants to remind pet parents how to care for their pet’s products, toys, and accessories. Nearly one-third of pet parents who responded to Petco’s March survey* are unaware their pets’ toys collect dirt, bacteria, yeast and mold. What’s also alarming is 1 in 5 pet parents …

By 3 m read

Sephora Just Got A Bit Better

Sephora is my go to when I purchase makeup. I mean, come on, it is easy to just hop online and get what you need. There are times however that I want something new and it is so hard just to look at images online.  Not living near a Sephora it is hard for me to hop in the car and check everything out in person.

Beginning today, …

By 7 m read

Save More At Walmart Today!!

This post originally appeared on the Dealspotr blog. Dealspotr is the most accurate coupon site that pays you to save. I’m @bettybite on Dealspotr, use my link to join today and earn 2,000 bonus points.

Walmart is the second biggest retailer in the world, known for offering low prices and amazing discounts. However, the low …

By 3 m read

5 Ways To Keep Your Home Clean When You Have A Toddler

Every mother wants her child to grow up in a clean environment. If you have a toddler, a regular cleaning once per week is not going to ensure the level of cleanliness required to maintain your home well sanitized. As we all know, small children can be pretty curious, and they like touching everything. Therefore, it is more than necessary to set up a daily cleaning routine or just implement …