Finding the perfect cell phone is sometimes the biggest challenge you will face when it comes to fitting one’s lifestyle. My husband is one of those men that just are so hard on their phones. Mr. Bite works in construction and is always talking to clients while on the job. When I first set my eyes on the new CAT cellphones, I thought finally a phone that can withstand just about anything. Caterpillar, the leader in building the world’s infrastructure, has released this line of smartphones that delivers on the same principle of innovation and a deep understanding of a lifestyle demand of its users. CAT phones are rugged, high-end smartphones designed to be used outdoors and in challenging environments by workers and outdoorsmen who demand both performance and protection from the elements.

CAT S50 Smartphone

The phone that I received for review was the CAT S50. One of the many features of this phone is that it is rugged. Truly. The S50 is waterproof, and the screen can be used even with wet fingers. It’s scratch-resistant, dustproof and can withstand more than just a few bumps and scrapes. The S50 is a high-end 4G phone that runs on a quad-core processor using the latest Android version. The display is also amazing in itself. It is a 4.7″ IPS, HD, 720×1280, display that blow away my husband’s old phone.


The one thing that I was a bit worried about was the sound quality of the phone, but when CAT designed the S50, they included all the bells and whistles when it comes to sound quality. CAT integrated the Waves MaxxAudio to make sure that you have perfect sound at all times, no matter the situation and what life might bring.

CAT Smartphone

Featured Specs:
• Android™ 4.4
• Waterproof with wet finger tracking
• IP67 certified dustproof
• Mil-Spec 810G
• 8MP camera with flash and HD video
• 4G
• 8GB storage. Micro SD card support up to 64GB

With everything this phone has to offer, you can’t go wrong with the CAT S50 Smartphone. I found that after using the S50 just a couple of days, it was very easy to maneuver and all the apps that we use worked flawlessly. In fact, the S50 is the first CAT phone to offer launched pre-loaded with a dedicated App Store offering a hand-picked collection of apps suitable to you. The collection includes both well known and widely used apps and smaller niche but equally useful ones.Another biggie for most people when it comes to a smartphone is the ability to take great photographs. The S50 has an 8MP Autofocus camera and the ability to take video as well (1920×1080, 30fps). It also has a rear and front facing camera so that you can make sure to capture all those memories. Here is a couple of picture, I took with the CAT S50.

Neither of these pictures has been edited in any way. I think the S50 takes better pictures than most of the phones I have tried.  In all I would highly recommend the CAT S50 as a great smartphone for anyone who likes to fish, bike, camp, works in construction and the like. CAT also has many different models available, and they range in price from $139-$399, sure to fit any budget. With the CAT S50’s durability and reliability, it is perfect! I did look very hard to see if there was anything that really stood out that did not function properly and there was NOTHING. Everything down to the screws that were used was perfect for this phone and completed the total rugged look.


In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.