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Give Mom A First Class Experience With Cabeau

Trying to relax when traveling is never easy. If you are like me, I always fly coach and sometimes it can be a bit of an uncomfortable mess. Getting in that perfect position to maybe have a little shut-eye, or just relax with your music. This Mothers Day would be a great time to give mom that comfort and relaxation she might not find normally in a plane or at home. These products would not just be perfect for traveling, but perfect for in the car and at home. Cabeau (, one of the fastest growing travel goods companies, knows how to transform coach class woes into a First-Class experience. Innovative comfort products and on-the-go-gear include the award-winning memory foam Evolution Pillow.


I am going to admit, I am a bobble head when it comes to sleeping in an upright position. I have always been that way and know there are more of you out there. The Evolution Pillow is perfect, for the  “bobble head” syndrome as I like to call it. This pillow has so many features and uses it is crazy. The one feature that really hit home for me is that it actually has a pocket for you to slip your phone, or music playing into. This makes it perfect for laying on the beach, while using it as a pillow. I listen to my music every chance I can get! Not only do you get the Evolution pillow, but it also comes with ear plugs and a bag.


The pillow itself is made out of ultra-responsive memory foam, that is just so plush and comfortable. Included with the Evolution Pillow you also receive a water proof bag for your to store you pillow in. This is perfect, when you want a bit more comfort at the beach. Worried that it would be too big to carry on a plane or too big to take to the beach? Don’t! This pillow will be 1/4th its size when inserted into the water proof bag. 


So you have your Evolution Pillow that provides great support and comfort, but what about when you want to take a nap on the plane or anywhere really? I have been on planes that it seems that the light is so bright, it is annoying. I never get a night flight! The Cabeau Midnight Magic is perfect for these times. This is just not another eye cover, this one actually have features that works for you. I have owned many eye covers and none of them have worked half as well as these. Not only are they super lightweight, but they have an inner rounded eye liner. This helps so that the mask itself does not touch your face! I don’t like to have things sitting right on my eyeballs when I am trying to get some shut-eye. 

Another great feature is the nose bridge! If you don’t like to sleep in total darkness, you can flex the nose bridge to allow some light in. The nose bridge is made with a padded pliable aluminum strip allowing you to custom fit the mask to your face for 100% blackout, or with just a little bit of light coming in. Your choice! Also included with the mask is a pair of ear plugs to help you get that much-needed shut-eye. It has a convenient little pouch on the mask to store the plugs. 

Lastly, I would like to tell you about one more great product from Cabeau ( What better than to pamper your feet while on a trip or just relaxing at home. I love comfortable socks, and will admit that I have over fifteen pairs of socks geared toward my comfort. The extra thick Fluffy Socks are perfect to pamper those tired feet. Not only are they super fluffy but they are actually infused with  peppermint, aloe, and lavender. I am actually wearing these tonight again after a day of up and down. I am used to hanging around the house all the time, blogging and my little feet are tired. Just pulling these socks on is a fluffy dream come true. 


So, if you are still looking for those perfect Mother’s Day gifts, check out  Cabeau ( I would recommend any of the products above, especially the socks and the Evolution pillow. These two things are a must for anyone that travels or just likes to pamper themselves. The prices of all the items are reasonably priced and will still leave a little wiggle room to take your mom out for that special dinner or lunch. 

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