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Bulu Box January 2015


As the New Year begins for everyone, it seems that most have made goal to live a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes it is easier said than done. There are so many products out on the market for you to help you achieve your goals, but which are the best and which are suited for you? That is always a question I have asked myself when looking at all the products out there. It can be overwhelming. Bulu Box is a monthly subscription box that sends you samples to try of great healthy products. Bulu offers two boxes, their original box and a weight-loss box. The box that I received to review for you is the original box and I was happy with what was inside.

This box included seven items and I am still enjoying them! One of the items was a bonus item, which was the, Magnetic Motivation. You can write yourself reminders and motivational text. I love the example on the card inside the Bulu Box, it says, “badass unicorn ninja”. he he he. There are so many days I wish I was a badass. Here is my motivation for today. I need to be fearless!!!


So lets go through each of the items and I will tell you a little bit about them and what I thought of them.


The first item I came to and was super excited to try was the Dream Water. I have the worst time sleeping and relaxing. I don’t think there has been a night in months that I actually had a good night’s sleep. I take three, yes three, Tylenol PM pills a night. I know this is not good for me, but it is all that works, some of the time. This Dream Water contains 3 natural ingredients, GABA, melatonin and 5-HTP. These three ingredients are said to help you have a more sound and restful night sleep.

Last night I tried it and to be honest, I think that it did help some. I found that I did feel more relaxed when it came to bedtime and that once I fell asleep, I did stay asleep most of the night. It really did not make me tired, just extremely relaxed, which helped me get to the state where I could fall asleep.


The next product is the Simple being Daily Personal Vitamin Gummies. I am such a kid when it comes to vitamins. I LOVE GUMMIES! lol. These gummies help you give your body the nutrients it needs, including D, B-6 and B-12. It is hard for me to say if these work or not, but I love the flavor of them! They have a very slight taste of citrus, but not overly tart or sweet. They kind of remind me of Gummie Bears. I think I would purchase these and take them daily. I have a hard time with my stomach and they gave me no problems at all.


Another product that came in this box was the Mediterranean Snacks, Baked Lentil Crackers. These are inspired by the balaced cuisine of the Mediterranean, gluten free and a great alternative to fat-filled potato chips. They are also low in calories and sodium but high in protein and fiber. I was a bit hesitant to try these lentil crackers out, because I have a very hard time with protein of any kind. Sometimes it can cause me great stomach pain and I am down for the count. So I tried them anyways, he he he. I was actually surprised to how good they were. They remind me of pita cracker, very crunchy and full of flavor. I am not much for the Cracked Pepper, which is not very strong, but I don’t like pepper at all! I think that I would buy these again, I love how crunchy they are and would be easy to replace a night-time snack with these.


Another bonus item that can in the Bulu Box for January was Zestra. Zestra is a blend of oils and extracts that can help you feel more aroused and give you a deeper, more pleasurable experience. I can’t say much about this product and I have not tried it out as of yet. Hubby is away. 🙁 As soon as I try this product I will update this posting. I have personally never head of this product before, so I am not really sure how it works or if it works.


The next to last product I received was the FlyJoy Bar. These are snack bars that are all about superfood! They are loaded with flax, oats, chia and complete proteins like quinoa. They also have fiber, omega-3’s and protein. All I could do with these bars was to just try a bit to see how they taste. Like I said before, I am very careful what types of protein I eat and this is one that I have to stay away from. Personally, I don’t care too much for the FlyJoy Bar. They are not bad by any means and are a great on the go snack. I received the Cherry Coconut, and I really could not taste, Cherries or coconuts. Really has no flavor at all, or I could not taste any. I really like the texture of the bar, just wish it had more of a taste. I did only try a small corner because it is packed full of protein, but I was not really impressed with it.


The last item and I just tried it out tonight is the Miracle Tree Organic Moringa Wellness Tea. I am in love with this tea! Moringa leaves contain over 90 nutrients, including 47 antioxidants and 25 vitamins and minerals. This tea is made using organic Moringa to boost energy levels, vitality, focus, mental ability and over all well being. I was impressed by the taste of this tea. I was sent the strawberry and I just loved the well rounded flavor it packed. It was not too strong just perfect. Since this was just a sample, I can’t mention if it really helped with mental focus, but I would love to continue drinking this tea and see if it would help me out.

Overall impression:

My overall impression of the box is positive. I like how you can try out all of these great products without having to buy an entire box or bottle. It is a great way to find what is good for you. Everyone is different, from what their bodies need, to their lifestyle. Finding great products to help with your well being and healthy living, just got that much simpler. Bulu Box, offers a wide range of subscription plans. You can just pay month to month, which is $10.00 or go for 12 months for $110.00. I don’t feel this is really a bad price, because you are getting to try different products to see what is good for you.



In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.