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Winter Is Coming. No Need For A Wildling When You Have The Brotoga

Winter is coming…and there is no need for a Wildling to save you when you have a Brotoga from Dormco.com. I have always wanted to name a posting “Winter is coming”. I don’t know about you, but I am sad as hell that the Game of Thrones season is over (totally off subject there). Today I would like to show you how I will be staying warm and cozy this fall and winter here in the mountains of North Carolina. 


It is called the Brotoga and no I am not drinking, yet. he he. Anywho if you are looking for a super warm, comfortable “robe”, you could just throw on and go this is just for you! This Brotoga was designed with comfort in mind and let me tell you they hit the nail on the head with this one. 

Brotoga Features:

  • Huge, Warm & Cozy… Brotoga with a Hoodie!
  • Includes (5) 2″ Oversized Wooden Buttons, Hood with Drawstring, 2 Exterior Pockets, and 1 Interior Pocket
  • It’s a robe, it’s a coat, it’s a wear it when you want to be cozy soft! Wear in the dorms, to a party, to an outdoor event – anywhere!
  • Long, ultra plush fibers on the outside reversing to super soft coral fleece on the inside…. Thick, Heavy Warmth Luxury.

It is really large, but that is the point just to be covered in warmth all over your body from head to toe. Even though it has been about 80 here. I still got outside and rocked my brotoga. 

You can do so much wearing this baby…

wash the car…

wash the car

Have a cold one….


Plow a garden….

Plow the garden

Have a cold one….

happy forth

You could even study (if you wanted)…

take a nap

I totally recommend checking out this amazing coat/robe/new BFF!! Totally comfortable and extremely warm. You can check it out along with several different colors on dormco.com. So what are you waiting for? Got get it!!


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