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Brooklyn Bean Roastery and Keurig 2.0 Hack


I love to drink great coffee all day long, but when my older Keurig went on the fritz, I was left with a ton of K-cups to use. Mostly from my favorite company the Brooklyn Bean Roastery. I adore their “Oh Fudge” k-cup! After some soul-searching and Google searches, I came across a great hack to still enjoy those brands that might not have the new Keurig label. It is actually very simple to do and only takes about a second.

First off, if you put a k-cup into the 2.0 it will not read it because it needs to have the correct label around it.


So you might be thinking to yourself that your stuck using only their brand of coffees, but that is not the fact at all. Here is the difference between my choice of brand cup and their cups.



You see that outer rim, that is in white? That is what the machine reads so the easiest fix and the best way to trick your machine is to simple cut off that outer rim and stick it on your favorite brand…Mine being Brooklyn Bean Roastery..he he he…







It is that easy. Now I can enjoy my “Oh Fudge” using my 2.0! I usually can get a bunch of uses out of one cut off top. The 2.0 still works perfectly and I enjoy the heck out of my coffee. Of course if you ┬áhave a problem using this method you can’t call up Kuerig and ask them why. I have heard about a couple of companies that will be coming out with a better solution but till then I would suggest using this method. I hope this helps!

If your interested in learning more about the Brooklyn Bean Roastery, shoot me a message on my facebook page and let me know. I would be happy to pass along your information so you can receive some samples.


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