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Betsey Johnson & Kleenex Join Forces


Betsey Johnson & Kleenex are two brands that you might be very familiar with. What better than to have them merged into one great, one of a kind product. When I saw that Johnson had worked with Kleenex to design a product that helps promote self-expression, I was intrigued. Anything that Johnson designs, I have always watched in awe. Her talent to take a simple product and make it fashionable is truly amazing, but it would not have come to be if it were not for Kleenex.

 “I am so excited to announce my product collaboration with Kleenex brand – our designs are bright, bold, pretty and punk! The product assortment is perfect for all of my Betsey babes,” said Betsey Johnson. “I’ve always loved the product, but this line is about more than just the tissues – the boxes are perfect to hold makeup brushes and the wallet packs can hold all of your cards! I can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on this rockin’ line,” said Johnson.


We all have tissues in our home. Those boxes that really just don’t express our styles, but wished they did. Kleenex has always been apart of this household. In just about every room you will find a box for those sniffles and runny noses. The “Ready to Care” Collection, which includes a mix of bold, eye-catching designs, transforms a multi-functional product into a must-have statement piece that excites the creative side in all of us, inspiring new uses for the product and packaging.

I am truly in love with the new designs of the boxes. They are very vibrant and just fun to have in the home. Like Johnson said in the comment above, these really could be reused for many different purposes. That is what is most important to me DSCN3839personally. I love to be able to reuse items in different ways and keeping them out of the landfill. The expression collection includes a couple of different options.

  • Zip It: “Rock on” with this bold design featuring Betsey’s most wild prints.
  • Kiss Me: This design is sprinkled with vintage floral and sealed with a kiss from Betsey.
  • I Heart Betsey: If you’re mad for mod, channel your inner flower child with this design.
  • Seeing Spots: This print brings an animal magnetism to your décor. It’s a classic Betsey print that appeals to the rocker and the feminine customer.

 What do you think of the new boxes?


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