A Day In The Life Of Betty & Tips To Blogging


Today I thought I would do a little something different and more personal. At night when I can’t sleep, I am always looking around the blog trying to see how I can make my site better and different ideas that I woman-865111_1280might be able to post about. I will be honest I usually don’t like to write personal postings. I have always been a listener and love to hear other people’s stories. When I started this blog over a year ago, I thought maybe it might work, maybe not, but I had high hopes. 

Since that first day, Bites Reviews has done nothing but grow. It has grown into a full-time job and has taken over my life considerably. I am asked over and over about starting a blog and how to do it. I never mind helping another blogger, but I do mind when people think that I get things for free (I just giggle when I use the word free). Nothing that I do is free. It costs me my time and sometimes money depending upon the posting. It takes a great deal of time to take the photos and try to make them the best that you can. Since over the past couple of months I have been trying not to do “reviews” so much as more tutorials and helpful postings about the product, this is taking me a bit longer to do postings. Sure, I still do “reviews” but I try to make them fun! All again taking time.

So today I thought I would share with you a “Day in the life of Betty Bite.” Sure I don’t have kids like some bloggers which does help me greatly but my day is still full of nothing but net.


8:30-I usually wake around this time or earlier. To start my day I have a cup or five of iced coffee and feed the dogs. Next, I run for the laptop. The first thing that I always head for even before the email is my Facebook and other social media accounts. First and foremost my readers are what is important to me, and I always try to answer any question through messages or comments. Of course, I have to take a gander at my Facebook and look in groups (as well as ones that I admin) and make sure there is nothing that I need today. 

9:30-Time to check the emails. I have three email address business, personal email and one that I use for entering giveaways (total giveawayaholic). It usually takes me some time to go through them all and answer any questions that I can or get back to a company. I do this several times throughout the day, just about every hour. I never want to miss that perfect opportunity! Ugh…

10:30- From about this time till one or so I start working on blog postings. I try always to have about ten or so postings ready to go at any given time (during the holiday season this just is impossible for me). For these postings, I already have the pictures done from the previous day. 

1:00-Mail time. I open packages and organize all the items in the correct order that they are received as well as email all the companies that their products have been received. I keep everything that I get in totes in my office. Since I don’t have children most of the products are sent off to families that could use them and charities (along with my niece and nephew of course). 

2:00-I usually take a break to grab another coffee. I don’t eat during the day much since it makes me feel so terrible. I then will clean house, play with dogs and do any other running around I might need to do. 

4:00-If I did not put anything in the slow cooker, it is time to make dinner. While cooking dinner, I work on pictures for the following day for postings.

5:30-I take this time for myself and look around the web (shopping usually. I love to shop!!). I will play around talking with friends.

6:30- Around this time and depending upon the day I will start my pitching. I look through news releases and information I think that my readers might enjoy. I usually only pitch about three things a night because I don’t feel the need to bomb you with postings. Now that my blog has grown I do have companies that pitch me and have learned to say ‘no” to a great deal of them. 

8:30- Time to spend some time with hubby and the pups!! Best part of the day 🙂

10:30- Just when I should be thinking about going to bed, back out comes the laptop. Since I don’t sleep well as at all, I use my nights to search around looking for helpful hints about running a blog. Great layout ideas and again reply to any emails. I get a ton of pitches from China and such, so they are all sent around this time. I usually don’t fall asleep till about 4-4:30. 

I am sure that I missed a ton of things, but this gives you an idea. Throughout the day even when I am having some “me time,” I am always checking social media and emails. The one thing that I do differently than most bloggers is that when I am on vacation, or I am sick (which is a lot really) I do nothing. I “call out of work totally”. This is one thing that I don’t agree with when it comes to all the postings that I have read online about blogging. Personally, I don’t feel that you need to worry yourself sick over posting during your holiday or when you are coughing up a lung. Why should you? Your readers will still be there!! 

Tips For Blogging

Pieces of Advice:

  • Always remember that you will get out of your blog, what you put in it.
  • Join Blogging Groups. Having a strong community will help you not only succeed but grow. 
  • Don’t worry about “Jane” at www.Iamthebestblogger.com. Worry about you and what you want out of this.
  • Keep your head up and be confident.
  • Know that you are going to have to sacrifice a lot to run a “full-time” blog. 
  • Take your pictures before writing the post so that you are freed up from editing them while you’re in writing mode. (I try to do mine the day before). Taking pictures is a huge part of blogging. I think that I have gotten better of the past year, but still have a lot to learn. If I am doing a fashion posting, I always do my pictures on the weekend because this can take up so much time. 
  • Not everyone can love your blog!! Understand that you will receive negative feedback from readers and companies. Keep your chin up always!!

If you are thinking about starting a blog, just know that you will get out of it, what you put in it. This is just a very simple example of my day, and there are so many more behind the scenes things that need to be done daily that I just stick them in throughout my day. Such as back-end work with WordPress, making sure that my affiliate links are active and up to date and most of all sharing posts. I feel that you should spend if not as much time even more sharing your work. If you don’t share, why write? I do hope that this might help someone get a better idea of what a blogger does and if it is for them. 

Are You A Blogger? What Do You Do To Stay On Track?



In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.

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