4 Spring Trends You Can Wear Now

4 Spring Trends You Can Wear Now


4 Spring Trends You Can Wear Now This past September, we all kept our eyes peeled to fashion websites’ daily reports as they brought the glamor and news from fashion weeks straight to our laptop screens. September get all of us fashion girls excited for the new trends to arrive in stores. It’s almost like Christmas morning!

But the only part about fashion that’s a little frustrating is the fact that everything is revealed so early! Designers work on their collections all year long, only to show styles forecasted for the following year. Fashion is finicky like that. So when we began to drool over the trends shown in September, we knew in the back of our minds that they were simply a tease.

Sometimes you find yourself wondering if you really have to wait until the weather warms up to wear some of these covetable clothing styles. And the correct answer is: No, you don’t have to wait! Sure the styles are meant for Spring/Summer, but there are some versatile pieces from the designers’ lineups that can stick it out from winter all the way until spring.

Here are some spring trends you can wear right now…

Romantic Maxi Dresses

Often a last choice for winter wear, yet a surprisingly accommodating garment, the maxi dress will be a great addition to your transitional wardrobe this season. The maxis trending hard for SS16 feature florals, lace, and romantic detailing like tulle. Reminiscent of folklore and fairytales, these dainty dresses will create a fantastic bohemian-meets-rocker look when layered with a leather jacket and paired with cool boots. You can see these styles of dresses in this collection.

Burnt Orange

Though this might seem like a fall color to some, the toasty tone is slated to be a big contender on the usually pastel spring palette. However, since burnt orange has quite the reputation for residing within wardrobes for cooler months, you can easily invest in some pieces now that will work well into your winter style. That’s especially true with the Coach set pictured here. It may be a spring style, but paired with tights and boots, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference!

Frayed Edges

Think about all of those frayed denim skirts from 10 years ago. Now, maximize their surface area by about eight, because unfinished hems are gracing the edges of just about every clothing item in 2016. As you’ll be able to see in this article, the raw hems were used on pieces like long denim outfits, making for the perfect winter basic underneath a floor-sweeping coat. This trend has a grungy and edgy feel, ideal for those days you’re not in the mood for any silly business.

Dressy Shorts

And last but not least—leave it to the celebrities to pave the way for fashion trailblazing. This article recounts a fearless Nikki Reed wearing checkered, office-esque shorts. Dressy shorts like these are set to be hot bottoms for Spring/Summer, but you can get a head start on the trend simply with tactful layering techniques. Master, the schoolgirl, look with tights, knee socks and oxfords with your shorts, then layer with a long peacoat for a shapely effect.

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